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  1. 1. Stake Username: MaxWayne07 2. I'm online most of the time approximately 8-12hrs a day 3. Maintain the order on the chat and implement the rules 4. I always wanted to be a moderator and implement the chat rules 5. Muted yes 6. No, never been a Mod on any other platform.
  2. When you control the game it helps a lot pay bills it makes me help others and share some blessing from gambling but when im not control it full of stress and make my savings to zero and I can't help others even my self to survive that's why play smart is the best Control the game and have a self discipline on playing. Thanks to Stake is more fun and more new friends..
  3. HILO: 36,082,867,495 placed by MaxWayne07 on 12/02/2021 Wagered 0.01079400 Multiplier 11.4111x Profit 0.11237773
  4. HILO: 35,879,695,121 placed by MaxWayne07 on 09/02/2021 Wagered 4.15200000 Multiplier 4.89061x Profit 16.15382387
  5. What is the best machine to earn more money??
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