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  1. I know to me happen the same , may you post the link of weekly please ?
  2. Yeah it's fun , i like play everytime i can all moderator are very kindly
  3. usually i play dice with 2.58 payout and 65% on loss , better it's switch upper low bet on win , with basebet to tover 25 loss.
  4. BEN45354354

    Raffle ticket

    I have 7 tickets , hope to increase ....
  5. I usually play videopoker, the secret for me it's no play for long time , when i hit a poker i take a break change game, and after i rebet and look a increase my balance.
  6. Searching in google crypto gambling site.
  7. I will try it with doge first, however seems working well .
  8. It's one of the best game here, will be very nice with auto switch upper low bet mode. However i like play sometimes here for this reason.... thanks Benedetto
  9. I'm new also i have the same questions. thanks for the attention
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