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  1. Tamara

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    Hello there! Please contact live support for more help!
  2. Hello DanielleHFaust! We're unable to help you as we do not have an official exchange on our site but you can try finding more info on that subject outside of the forum. 😊 Best regards! πŸ€
  3. Tamara


    Hello Skaberlaberhey! The streaming section has been removed and posting links in any other section would be considered promoting which is strictly against the forum rules so I wouldn't recommend doing it. 😁 Take care! 🀍✌
  4. Hello Tripsap! Can you please provide us your Stake username? Thanks in advance!
  5. Tamara


    Hello BeeIsKing! Our site does not support Dinabot exchange and because of that we are not allowed to share any info about it here or on the chat. Same rule stands for every other exchange. I'm sorry but you will have to figure it out in another way.
  6. πŸ’£ 1st of April: Mines Challenge πŸ’£ Ends: 04/06/2021 @ Midday (02pm) GMT Requirements: Win six bets with the setting of 6 mines and the following patterns as is shown in the pictures below. First bet: Second bet: Third bet: Fourth bet: Fifth bet: Sixth bet: The order of the bets must be as it is posted above. Bets do not have to be in a row/consecutive. 0.03 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency). Tips & Terms & Conditions Bet must have been made af
  7. 🧨 Aprils Fools 🧨 Greetings, Stakers! This day could be like any other except, no, it can't 😜 The 1st of April will never be a normal day. Many jokes, pranks, and gags to choose from, and the age here doesn't matter. We all like to prank someone, but do we like to be pranked? 🀑 Where should we start? With throwing eggs πŸ₯š at a house, toilet paper 🧻, hiding behind the door dressed as some scary horror character? πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ Maybe we should level-up, with some master plan or a game to prank someone. Garry has decided to share some gifts but he's asking for some naughtiness in retur
  8. You are allowed to share your thoughts however you should also accept that you broke a rule and that is the reason your mute got increased. It's not nice to blame the staff and make them look bad in other's people eyes. As I said, there is always a reason why are things done in a certain way.
  9. You got your mute increased because of spamming the appeal section even after you were told that the mute will stay. If you had been patient your 5 day mute wouldn't have been increased. And you're still on the same subject even after you were told to write another appeal in a month. So, please, if you want this permanent mute to be reduced, stay calm and reach us in the appeal section in, now less, than a month.
  10. Again, hello! Once more I am sorry that you had to wait for the answer but now you got it. All who come to appeal get the response sooner or later because some cases demand more time to review. You need to understand that coming to appeal doesn't necessarily mean that you will get unmuted. It means that your case will be reviewed. There are cases where the mute gets reduced but there are those that literally stand no chance. Also, there are cases in which users come to appeal and get their mute increased. That happens if the user is being disrespectful towards the staff or continues spamm
  11. Hello Lucas! πŸ‘» First, I don't know why but lately I don't dream and it's kind of irritating because I love dreaming (nightmares are not welcome of course) and I really miss my dreams (were interesting most of the time). πŸ˜‚ Before, when I used to dream, I was usually able to remember and of course there are those dreams that I just had to write down. πŸ–€ I've heard that if you wake up in a bright room you're most likely not going to remember your dream and if you wake up in a darker room you'll remember. Perhaps someone will support this theory, I can't! πŸ˜‚ Second, I have never experience
  12. Winners: $15 Saaho2019 casino:39028864479 $5 SullyC casino:39028851356 $5 Ashvinnn casino:39028901450 $4 Patshik casino:39031054462 $10 Noctua casino:39031311944 $5 saliskan9 casino:39031594498 $5 kiv211analog casino:39032040662 $15 Mistaker casino:39032128442 $10 mhayjhai casino:39032126192 $15 1milxrp casino:39032985402 $15 exqlode casino:39033149725 $4 Burjuy222 casino:39033072498 $10 waheed786 casino:39033411903 $4 ZIRTSU1 casino:39033547782 $15 skrubreker casino:3
  13. New account will be permanently muted as well as we will consider it a mute evasion. And please, this is not the adequate topic for this conversation.
  14. Because it's my favorite song from trashy list Sorry, I meant
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