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  1. Hello there! πŸ‘‹ Private messaging is no longer available on our forum. It was removed for safety reasons. Regards! πŸ€
  2. Hello there! In order to be able to post on some specific topics you need to make 10 comments on any other topics where you're able to post at the moment. Make sure to post a meaningful comments and not to spam because if you do you might earn some warning points or even get restricted from posting for some time. Best regards! 😁
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  5. Oh Wow! This is just amazing, amiga! 😍😍😍
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  7. Little meanie when calms down looks like this 😻🀍 Nelly
  8. 🌈 Double rainbow power! 🌈 PS. The above one is pale in the photo but it looked amazing in reality!
  9. Tamara

    MY 1st POST

    Hello there! Yes, that is correct. In order to be able to post comments on the Challenges, you need to make 10 posts. Just make sure you're not spamming because the posts should be meaningful. 😊 Best of luck! πŸ€
  10. @Coil80 You will have to contact live support in order to get help. We can not discuss this matter here and you can not get any help regarding this issue on the forum. Check my previous comment to get info on how to contact our support team. I had to hide your comment because you mentioned streamers and that is not allowed on the forum. I understand you had no bad intention mentioning them but just be careful in the future. Take care! ⭐
  11. Hello Coil80! Can you please tell us more about the issue you're having and someone will assist you? You can also contact our live support either by an email linked to your Stake account or just by opening a ticket (the button is in the lower corner on the site πŸ‘‰ https://prnt.sc/15sxnag ). Support's email is support@stake.com Best regards!
  12. Heya guys! In order to be able to post comments on the Challenges, you need to make 10 posts. Choose different topics and give your thoughts about them but make sure not to spam/post-low-quality messages (meaning - comments that consist of one or two words only). Also, make sure to follow the forum rules, the same rules which apply to our chat. Have fun! πŸ€
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  14. Tamara


    Hey Jake! We both know you like asking this question and we both know that you know what it means, but I'm curious... What would you say this C stands for? 😜✌ Tamara derived from the Hebrew name Tamar or Thamar and is also of Egypt origin, though it is often said it's Russian because it's used there a lot, I guess. Has many different meanings such as date and date palm in Hebrew, "life" in ancient Hebrew and β€œwho loves the land” in Egypt. Also I've heard that in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, Tamara means the lotus flower which depicts purity and divinity. In Sanskrit, it means "spice". In Celtic European Languages, Tamara Refers to the Goddess of Rivers and Lakes. As a conclusion we can say that Google knows a lot
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