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  1. Fuzzytrukpy *THIS POST IS LUCKY* Lucky color smargadinnne
  2. fuzzytrukpy MAGENTA *THIS POST IS LUCKY*
  3. Fuzzytrukpy royal blue 🔵🔵🔵 Lucky 📯🏣📯
  4. Belatra games name is monsters
  5. I like the bitcoin.com wallet. It keeps my btc nice and safe
  6. I was playing blackjack and went all in accidently with .1 bitcoin and I flip a 16 facing a dealers four. I stay . Then the cards flip and of course the dealer is showing 7-4 for an 11. I assume it's all over for me then they pull a 5 and then bust and I won. I had to take a break to calm down after that little misclick.
  7. What strategy is there in baccarat except flip a coin and go with whatever the coin flip says.
  8. Drugs and gambling go quite well together.
  9. are you secretly from the future sent back through time to give me a lambo
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