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  1. Not rich but I have earned decent amount over the period of time. Initially took a lot losses but learned with the time.
  2. I played only Pubg as i did not have a gaming pc for playing fortnite
  3. youtube strategies are risky as they are used by many users so i would suggest that you figure out some of your own strategies by playing with 0 basebet (special feature on stake) you can also use advanced betting system implemented in dice to make a nice preroll strategy
  4. There is a lot which stake provides and it wont be fair to ask for more but i would like to request if there is a possibilty to increase the speed of dice rolls and also the roll to be shown just beside the bet and not on the top corner separately.
  5. Nice initiative i know a friend who might be able to provide some help here
  6. 3 years since i registered but started playing actively from last few weeks
  7. I tried using the advanced autobet setting but something did not work well. It did not do what I Intented it to do.
  8. One of my friend suggested me back in 2017 i registered but i did not played much back then. But i am doing it now
  9. I have completed breaking bad, money heist, now watching better call saul
  10. Yes you can and i have tried it on online casinos
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