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  1. months?? years???? may be you're talking to doing a couple of bets per day :))... already if you use the website autobet mode, you'll not reach a week of play. what months or years :)))
  2. ok, play with it... then let me know how much you'll win :))
  3. 1.75 > 1.10 that's all!!! in the long run both will be not-profitable.
  4. Hi, I cannot reply you about Dicebot, since I don't use it... may be some maintenance, and will come back work soon, or even check your current API token on stake. While, about the APIs, like always, and like said in above posts too, you can get them directly by frontend (browser devtool>network ... hope is clear this step)... then, everything depends by client you're using, however DreamStage already provided a good guidance here... So, hope you'll solve.
  5. I have to correct meself... yes @Seuntjie you're right, internal calculation is valid in all cases (except to compare with server side for verify)... so even in particular cases when loss/profit is not exactly the bet amount (like below image), internal calculation can be performed anyway... and, what you written as balance+=lastBet.profit, using the data obtained from server response object, would be: balance+=responseObj.payout-responseObj.amount or using responseObj.payoutMultiplier (keeping in mind right calculation if payoutMultiplier is below 1). Thanks again for your replies.
  6. Surely you can code everything you can do normally on frontend website. And you can get APIs right by frontend (devtools>network) like @Dan explained some post above.
  7. post deleted... strategy didn't work.
  8. Hello Seuntjie, thanks for reply. I was already saw your 'DiceBotDiceBet' which include balance and nonce into the query, and I also tried to use it, however I have admit that after copy/past it don't work (I've done several attempts checking every single character from your original string -and also applied correct variables taken by Stake.cs file-... all of them, included spaces \n etc, seems to be ok, however it don't work after copy.. so I left). Others of your queries instead (which are written on a single line) works correctly. So I taken only your 'DiceBotLogin' query which include
  9. I was scared by this... ...since I was referred to change only client-seed. So, thanks, for better clearify here... ... yes, all agreed... like said, my doubt was born referring to only client-seed. Tx for clearify. Thus, since... ... would be great to have API to change only client-seed (single subfunfction surely exists), to have again more strongness against manipulations. Nothing of absolutely need, but would be great...I simply hope about it. Thanks again for your clearify. Best regards. P.S. I would like make a suggestion... sinc
  10. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rNNQfyjta3J7fWUs7 She's not their mum... found them separately.
  11. What do you mean? If your purpose is to create your own play strategy, then you can use whatever programming language and editor you prefer... simply, you'll use the APIs to sent commands to server... thus, whatever thing you use, simply will need to include an http-client to send the APIs to casino server. Hope this help.
  12. Sorry but this dont replies to the core question. The API is just the way to send the same commands like on frontend (in fact we copy the query API from frontend)... so, I don't understanding what are these risks using your casino? (Besides, to be exact, there are more risks on the frontend, when peoples using their browsers, rather than using a not-browser program which interact only with server side... while at network level, a sniffer could get info in both cases). The core question was... if you said that before operator was able to deceit, why now it shouldn't be able in the sam
  13. Thanks. Simply after last change, my queries wasn't working... and wasn't working neither after copied newly from frontend, because now them are treated as recognized strings... so even with a single different character, it result in error (for instance, even a different tabulation will lead to error)... and basically I was only missing the empty line at the query end . Besides, at starting, in previous topic you was said to post the query error ID in order to be listed, it's because I was asked. But now I found the error, and the way to solve. Thanks again. About instead.... Wha
  14. Why not being provably fair ? When I was changing only client seed, the nonce was NOT resetted to 0, it was continuing increase from original starting of server seed... and, to verify the bets, it was only need to sign the nonce where client seed was changed. So, how could be it was not provably fair? (If also nonce was setted to 0, on changing only client, then I agreed it's not provably fair... but not being nonce resetted, so continuing its normal increasing, I don't understand how could be not provably fair)... I'd appreciate explanation about, since it's interesting. P
  15. Thanks @Dan ... but what means? I don't understood. Since you're here... could you post me the query to change only client seed please? so I have newly all commands like before. I'd really appreciate. P.S. Until yesterday (+/-) primedice was free of these restrictions... has been you to apply also there?
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