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    She's not their mum... found them separately.
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    She's not their mum... found them separately.
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    She's not their mum... found them separately.
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    Good, then let's hope your friend and others would will like to share some of their knowledges, in order to help all of us. But especially let's hope normal API's will be enabled again soon, since it's the best way... I really hope @Dan will provide us some news about.
    Anyway... following some other 'command':
    DICE GAME (autoplay mode/page):
    -Bet Amount: like manual-mode 
      document.querySelectorAll('input')[0].value  OR     document.querySelector('betAmount').value  OR  $('#betAmount').value()
    -Number of bets:  document.querySelectorAll('input')[1].value
    -On Win: 
    value ->  document.querySelectorAll('input')[2].value
    reset button ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[16].click()
    IncreaseBy button ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[17].click()
    -On Loss: 
    value ->  document.querySelectorAll('input')[3].value
    reset button ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[18].click()
    IncreaseBy button ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[19].click()
    -Stop on profit:  document.querySelectorAll('input')[4].value
    -Stop on loss:  document.querySelectorAll('input')[5].value
    -Multiplier (Payout):  document.querySelectorAll('input')[7].value
    -Win chances:  document.querySelectorAll('input')[9].value
    to get -> document.querySelectorAll('span')[223].textContent   
    to set -> document.querySelectorAll('input')[4].click()
    -Autobet button: 
     Start/Storp ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[20].click()
     to get status ->  document.querySelectorAll('button')[20].dataset.autobetStatus
    These was command about dice, when you're in the auto-play page.
    Hope will help.
    I'm trying to get commands for roulette and baccarat, but it's seems to be a bit more difficult... so let's hope someone else will help also.
    Following, the command to get value of the current selected balance (it should be good in all pages you're).
    Instead, to select the preferred cryptocoin, 2 steps needs...
    1- click the balance button:  document.querySelectorAll('button')[7].click()
    2- then, click the own cryptocoin:   document.querySelectorAll('button')[CRYPTOVAL].click()
    use the above command, changing CRYPTOVAL with its value in accord to belows list:
    btc[33], eth[34], ltc[35], doge[36], bch[37], xrp[38], trx[39], eos[40]
    example for XRP:
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    She's not their mum... found them separately.
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    She's not their mum... found them separately.
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    What do you mean?
    If your purpose is to create your own play strategy, then you can use whatever programming language and editor you prefer... simply, you'll use the APIs to sent commands to server... thus, whatever thing you use, simply will need to include an http-client to send the APIs to casino server.
    Hope this help.
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    Sorry but this dont replies to the core question. The API is just the way to send the same commands like on frontend (in fact we copy the query API from frontend)... so, I don't understanding what are these risks using your casino?
    (Besides, to be exact, there are more risks on the frontend, when peoples using their browsers, rather than using a not-browser program which interact only with server side... while at network level, a sniffer could get info in both cases).
    The core question was... if you said that before operator was able to deceit, why now it shouldn't be able in the same way (also more) ?
    Can you post a practice example on how operator was able to deceit before? And thus, how now shouldn't be able in the same way?
    I was pretty sure there wasn't way for deceit by operator. But if you say that there was room for deceit by operator, then like said, now we're under the same risk (and also more)... so a clear explanation about, could feel us more safe. Since I'm being scared by your post now.
    I'm absolutely agreed with you @Seuntjie.
    Exactly! as you explained, if the operator provide its server-seed before than (in the form of the hash... as stake/primedice does) the guest can choose its own client-seed (undifferently if guest changes it more times or not), then it should be provably fair. And me too was thinking so. HOWEVER @Dan said there is room for deceit... so, since I respect his knowledges, his words let me (and may be others too) begin to be scared.
    So, if him could provide an example on how, after operator provided seedHash and changing only clienSeed, there was room for decit... then we could understand aslo why now shouldn't be the same.
    Since the large amount of hashes that stake and primedice togheter manages (plus all already known hashes over the internet), there is room to think some way could be used for deceits... and in these cases, then change the client-seed would be the only safe way to prevent deceits.
    So let's hope he will does clearness about his words... since after his words, I'm not feel safe anymore, like I was before that post.
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    Hello all,
    since Stake API's is not currently working anymore, and previous topic about doesn't exists anymore, I don't know IF and when API's will be enabled again, since there is not any info/update about nowhere...
    so I'd like create this topic as place where to share the pieces of code which can be used by users whose like to create their own customized strategies... and a place where to discuss about problems facing during the coding to play on Stake.
    So it would be a place where to share the ritght codes to be used into own programs, and not exactly a place where to share strategies.
    In this way best programmers could help other not so best programmers (like me ) to create their own strategies, sharing the codes to interact and play on Stake.
    The way we currently have to apply our own customized strategies is by the browser console (where we can add entire programs of course)... so, I start to write below just few codes, in order to provide some exmples and have an idea about how the topic would be... and any enhanching will be appreciated, hoping the topic will become a good support for all of us.
    (Note: codes used into browser console will act directly in the page scope, so keep in mind that own variables/function/etc names have to be different from names already used into the page).
    Every optimization/enhanching on shared codes will be appreacit... besides, would be good to provide also explantions of what the shared codes done.
    DICE GAME (manual mode):
    -Bet Amount:
    to get value -> document.querySelectorAll('input')[0].value  OR  document.querySelector('betAmount').value  OR  $('#betAmount').value()
    to set value -> document.querySelectorAll('input')[0].value=0.00000123  OR  document.querySelector('betAmount').value =0.00000123 OR  $('#betAmount').value(0.00000123)
    -Amount multiplier (Payout):   document.querySelectorAll('input')[3].value
    -Win chances:  document.querySelectorAll('input')[5].value
    -Profit on Win (only read):  document.querySelectorAll('input')[1].value
    to get -> document.querySelectorAll('span')[205].textContent   
    to set -> document.querySelectorAll('input')[4].click()
    -Bet button: document.querySelectorAll('button')[16].click()
    These were juse the basic settings/button to play dice from manual page... next I'll try to provide others, also for auto-play page, and especially others commands for others games like roulette and baccarat... and hoping also other users will add their knowledges about here.
    Hoping this help will help me and others in create own custom strategies, best regards
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    ivand2128 got a reaction from namtt007 in How to create casino custom strategies (API similar solution)   
    Hi @Dan,
    I was updated my last post (and them are merged automatically).
    Like said, you're right, I was doing a little error... I was missing to add last '\n' character into query (a white line at the end)... since currently, api's are recognized only if exactly equal to the whitelisted ones... thus now, even if there is a single white-space more or less, then an api is not recognized (basically we could say now are treated like string rather than graphql queries).
     Likely also in previous topic I was doing same error... after 'prettyfing' the copied/pasted query, it was resulting as not recognized... it's because I was believe that queries were whitelisted in accord to some user details, but I was wrong, sorry.
    May be images can explain better than my words...

    (Even a single charater or even a single white-space, will result to unrecognized query... I added a white-line in the image, to show what I mean)
    Anyway, now I found my error... so now I have the api's to play on dice/roulette/baccarat, and even others games if I want like. Thanks
    However, like said, would be very helpful to have the whitelisted API query to get the balances value... and also separated seeds changing would be great.
    So, can you post the whitelisted API query to get balances values please?
    Simply, I have a file where I was written may be all API commands to be used when needs... so, that was simply a pre-setted query to get complete details about 'currency' and 'user'... however I almost never used that (just sometime to get the seeds values, in order to apply the verify on bets)... I always used the following lighter query to get just the balances:
    So, it would be very helpful, if you can post the currently whitelisted query to get the balances, please. (if it could contain also info about seeds, would be great for 2 purposes... to get seeds values for verify purpose... the get 'nonce' value, which is not returned by betting API's).
    Anyway, that complete API query to get info, is correct, you can check it on primedice... but basically I'm interested to balances values, and may be seeds.
    it would be good to have also api's for separated seed changing, like above (I was using before). But this is surely less important rather than get balances values. Thanks.
    Using VScode, for graphql I use 'graphql-request' package as client for graphql http calls.
    However sometimes I also use Insomnia, for instance to create queries or to do some fast check on queries.
    Problem wasn't the used client, but the query string I was writing, like said above... since now queries are recognized only if them are sent as exact whitelisted strings, a single white-space or even tabulation was in my queries was leading me to bad calls. This is happening only by last week, when new restrictions has been applied... before I always created/checked/used API's by meself without problems, like I do on primedice.
    To finish, since I solved about bet APIs... now it would be great if you can just post whitelisted APIs to get balances values mainly, and may be APIs for seeds values and separated seeds changing.
    Thanks again.
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