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  1. SLOTS: 31,509,665,287 placed by MrKiwi9588 on 23/11/2020 Wagered 2.00233000 Multiplier 36.4286x Profit 70.93969143 SLOTS: 31,636,263,553 placed by MrKiwi9588 on 26/11/2020 Wagered 2.21276000 Multiplier 162.375x Profit 357.08414500
  2. This one is my highest, in base game with Fruit party x1600
  3. On my side I just turn off computer and say everytime i stop casino... And here i am again lol
  4. I'ld turned it to "BlackJackSlave" i guess lol
  5. playing stake since a month only and it's the best site ever
  6. I got a x1600 on fruit party in base game
  7. Just using dice for wagger, 1,01x with 5$ bets
  8. Sometime I tried to make a bet with 1000+ multiplier, it never succeeded
  9. SLOTSSAMURAI: 30,244,934,551 placed by MrKiwi9588 on 20/10/2020 Wagered 0.00008366 Multiplier 95.5x Profit 0.00790587 x95,50
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