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  1. thanks for the info @Deskchain is this your own site?😀 i've made a quick review with the site, nice site and project😀
  2. nhoyasim101

    Coins.ph Fees

    @wilbur sabihin na lang nating nagosyate si coins hehe eto ang fees ngayun sa blockchain wallet http://prntscr.com/ja8gqa diba lake ng deference.😀
  3. nhoyasim101

    XHV price prediction?

    im not a trader but just my forecast for this xhv token, i think this one has a better price in the future lets wait and see, maybe it will skyrocketed to mars 😀
  4. nhoyasim101

    Paano kayo nagumpisa sa pagtataya sa online?

    nauna ako sa iq option binary trading, minsan nanalo din ako dun nakaka addict at nakaka stress din lalo pag talo hehe madali lang kasi mag trade sa iq option tataya ka lng ng either up or down sa pinili mong currency trading,,yun kasi ang una kung nahanap noon na online na may chance na manalo kaya nag try ako minsan yung 10$ ko umabot ng 150$ yun din ang una kung withdrawal ng btc gamit ang skrill/neteller account to gcash. try nyo din baka sakaling swerte kayo dun😀
  5. nhoyasim101

    Bakit may bayad ang paggawa ng eth sa coinsph?

    @xtinepink siguro mahal ang materyales na ginamit sa pagawa ng eth wallet sa coin.ph baka gawa sa balat ng cobra🤣🤣🤣wahahahaha isipin mo 20php bayad e ilang milyong pilipino na ang gumagamit ng coins.ph na yan lake mata nila😂😂😂 haha kasi lake kita☺️
  6. nhoyasim101

    Coins.ph Fees

    malamang sa alamang😀 tataas pa yan kung and presyo ny btc ay patuloy din na tataas, maging sa ibang wallet katulad ng blockchain at coinbase tumataas din ang fees kapag tumataas ang presyo ng btc sa market di nga lang katulad s coins.ph na subrang taas😀
  7. nhoyasim101

    Show me your affiliate earnings

    affiliate reg. 21 campaign profit 0.00000073 btc this guys is lazy damn lol😀
  8. nhoyasim101

    Your strategy

    its pure luck mixed with strategy to raise your goal, choose the game that you think you have luck, keno is good too to raise balance used different tiles from 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, tiles, if nothing happen, choose other games..good luck😀
  9. yes they know that i' am gambling online, and they are much willing to support with me in online gambling rather than real casino or any actual gambling like cockfights in an arena, because in online gambling we are safe and secure playing/betting @ home,😀
  10. nhoyasim101

    What can I buy with Bitcoin?

    it is better if some of book store around the globe accept btc for payment.
  11. nhoyasim101

    Good news for Pornatics!

    maybe the used of vip access is to watch some famous Hollywood actress doing porn movies,..if this is so i will buy their token haha😀
  12. nhoyasim101

    Your regrettable moment

    pac coin i bought 1m+ pac coin for 1 sats in yobit😉but its just took a month or more and nothing happens, then their having an issue and rename their coin to $pac but i already sell it to same price before it happen, when saw their coins in markets it was already 156sats supposedly my 1m pac turn into 1.5+ btc ,,,,damn that was a big mistake that i made in my crypto life to date😀
  13. lol i hit 1000x during free roll 10sats bet😡what i did is i throw my phone out of the window, haha im kinda still luck coz my phone still intact😀
  14. nhoyasim101

    Mines is have 25 box and mine is up to 1-24

    try all games, and choose the game that you can win, all of stake games are basic, all you need to do is find your luck in every game😉 best of luck to you.
  15. nhoyasim101

    Unofficial April Fantasy Trade Calculations

    lol im far far away better luck next time for me 😁 but its fine because @Han2x made a right choice hope same result until the final judgement😉