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  1. The Right Way To Play Blackjack

    thank you @badger i wish this one really works for for me i have trouble playing that black jack ^_^..good luck to you too
  2. Bitconnect is dead

    that was a big lost to bitconnect fanatic, even @Danhave a dout of that alt and i guess that it will takes more time to regain its price😔
  3. SashaKarpik Stream #16 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    good luck more green for you today😀
  4. Why Bitcoin and other altcoins Plunge?

    Damn i hate to see my BTC in my wallet seems like the the BUBBLES news before is now happening, one thing that i noticed is that when the btc down, alts coin also down just like a follow the leader situation i hope btc will back to its trademark and the price rice to the moon again
  5. Hi im Yvolle:) 😘💗

    Famous @ravenyvolle2 i think every corner of stake community already knows ravenyvolle, one of gorgeous lady of stake and i think also in PD enjoy life, be happy always and more wins to come..
  6. Three Words - Same Letter - Alphabetical Order

    verified vehicle victim.
  7. Good research @xtinepinkthank you for sharing that idea,actually # 3,4,5, is the most important just for me #1 sometimes we should gamble in all in if you got luck boom thats $ #2 i think stake doesn't have bonus yet..now you know not to bust, because we always bust.-_______-
  8. Confessions

    haha i've been in relationship when i was 17, @Grifter7 y/o?that was a clear child abuse,, what if you coincidence meet her again in this days,it happens when your 7 and she's 18 how old is she is todayi think she looks like your grandma
  9. Cryptocurrency experienced another fell margin

    i think this is the right timing to buy/invest btc and alts coins for a long term investment, as we remember last month december 2017 btc almost hits 20k$, i dont scared this sudden fall of btc price however, only invest money that you can afford to loss.
  10. Crypto Carbon (CCRB)

    thank you @wilberthh @Han2x anybody who love's free check this ico projectand if you dont mine use my link!thanks thanks
  11. How to be cool in stake chat

    @SuddenlyBroke I think you just miss @skilful as cool drunken master.
  12. 😱 Biggest Hit 6 bitcoin win in HiLo

    oh my god, @Neverever really a Queen of Hilo, i am expecting that this history of hilo will be repeat by itself..good luck neverever more green to come.
  13. Diamond's Worth

    oh time for hunting again.good luck evryone 😀
  14. Friendster - Grandfather of Social Network

    ahm i miss my friendster account,that was my 1st social media accnt, i have a lot of photo their when i was in military,sad bcoz i dont hve bckup on it before it banished.😀
  15. How do you guys react to "begging" messages received?

    just simply report to the mod's and i am sure they will make an immediate action with regards your concern..good luck