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    @Tamarahi tamara what does c mean?
  2. 18x: casino:37998997086 22x: casino:37999068969 29x: casino:37999172639 43x: casino:37999332211 76x: casino:38000603801 120x: casino:38000758124 170x: casino:38000831751 260x: casino:38012959211
  3. how many balls does it take usually to end up hitting the 1000x?
  4. looking for a good plinko strat 500 starting balance what bet size and balls?
  5. that be kinda wild how would it work ok bet underdog for 4 tennis matches every day or something ahahaha
  6. when I change my keno layout and the next bet would have won me 800x its happened 12 times to me
  7. it dont make sense like trump complaining about all the mail in ballots destroyed but most of mail ins were all Biden he even told his supporters not to vote by mail to vote in person so thats mad stupid
  8. I think y'all should get like a red black green roulette like similar to ur crash where we all bet on it makes it fun as hell
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