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  1. Milos or Darko what about total and BTTS? Or is it just BTTS markets?
  2. Yep had the Nokia 2600 myself as my first phone when I was 14 lol
  3. Yeah but can you get notifications when you're following 16 games at a time? I have to have a score app of some kind.
  4. I used to use Flashscore, just too many issues with the mobile app, notifications not going off, scores not updating. Got sick of it and switched to Sofascore, still has issues sometimes (like unfollowing leagues for no reason) but I make it work.
  5. yes horse racing and player props please!
  6. It's definitely possible. But like anything, it's work.
  7. Everyone is on this pick at this point, never a good thing. Already made my bet though, go Bears and their ugly awful offense.
  8. Teasers are a good one that not enough people say. Player props of course.
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