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    KosSaT got a reaction from tristay01 in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
  2. Wow
    KosSaT reacted to kebiski in My biggest hit on bonus buy.   
    So far I manage to hit 5x on bonus buy in few slots, I love to buy almost all the bonus that I can afford. 
    as far I remember I never hit profit on buying 100$ bonuses.. Well today I feel great to hit my biggest bonus buy multiplier which is Wild Chapo 12$ bonus buy (cheapest) and I got multiplier of 48.23x! 

    feel free to post your stake username and ill send some for you guys. <3 (Dont expect too much)

  3. Thanks
    KosSaT reacted to wall12 in Wager technique: A way to put less than 2 on Dice original stake   
    Share it pls!
    You should know that normally the max bet on Dice is between 2-100 or 0-98, but what if you can do 1-100 or even 0-100 legally?
    I have discuss with a support of stake named rade who told me you can use this without getting punished, it is allowed. The house edge is the same but there will be a lower chance to lose a bet.
    It can be very interesting for wager that come from an affiliation of a streamer.
    How to do it?
    1. inspect the page
    2. Find the thing  I surrounded on the image below

    3. Change the 2 by the number you want and voila!

    Proof that it is allowed:

  4. Love
    KosSaT got a reaction from Jaybex01 in I have lost all my life savings on stake   
    man gambling shouldnt be look at as a way to make money
  5. Litecoin
    KosSaT got a reaction from return94 in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Royal Blue
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