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  1. Arsenal 2-1 Brighton Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea Fulham 1-2 Newcastle Leeds 2-1 WBA Leicester 2-1 Tottenham Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace Man City 2-1 Everton Sheffield Utd 1-2 Burnley West Ham 2-0 Southampton Wolves 1-2 Man Utd Tiebreaker: 33' Min Stake username: jesantana
  2. Man Utd 2-0 Fulham Southampton 1-1 Leeds Brighton 1-2 Man City Chelsea 2-1 Leicester Everton 1-1 Wolves Newcastle 2-1 Sheffield Utd Tottenham 2-1 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal Burnley 1-2 Liverpool WBA 1-1 West Ham Tiebreak : 33 Username: jesantana
  3. Newcastle 1 - 3 Man City Burnley 2 - 1 Leeds Southampton 1 - 1 Fulham Brighton 1 - 2 West Ham Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Aston Villa Tottenham 2 - 0 Wolves WBA 0 - 3 Liverpool Everton 2 - 0 Sheffield Utd Tiebreaker 33' Username: jesantana
  4. Leicester 2 - 0 Newcastle Leeds 1 - 2 Tottenham Sheffield Utd 0 - 1 Crystal Palace Man City 2 - 1 Chelsea Liverpool 2 - 1 Southampton Wolves1 - 1 Brighton Aston Villa 1 - 3 Man Utd West Ham 2 - 1 Everton Arsenal 2 - 0 WBA Fulham 1 - 1 Burnley Tiebreaker 33' Username: jesantana
  5. I live in Caracas, and to be responsible I think there are a few key points to consider there: ( no disrespect to IEscanore who is right ) * Customs are tricky at best( if you want things to happen, you have got to make them happen, -there is no due-process-) . * The electric service is under subsidy and governemt-owned ,business is highly inefficient and service is not steady( in fact its spikey) * Contrary to common opinion Fuel scarcity is a growing issue, and current geopolitical circumptances make this a thing.( currently its about 0.5 cents/lts ) There are a few ways to get it cheaper( almost free) via subsidy but you can only get 80 lts every 15 days per citizen. - this is the main reason I sold my farms- * You can expect law to bend easily, given the right price. *there are no big ISP that can guarantee constant connection, the ones that do are often small and via satellite. With that in mind, speaking from experience your 50k would return in about 11 months if you used Asic (locally provided , guarantee, etc) if you managed to run at 100% all the time. As an economist I would recommend to do some flipping in the real state market if you MUST enter one of the riskier places to do any kind of business right now. What im trying to get at here is that while farming CAN be a really good idea in Venezuela, doing the stuff you normally do in similar crisis envirorments is probably better. If you were to own a type of business , rather than just owning and selling stuff ( wich can be done remotely) I would advice towards a labor oriented one since labor is dirt cheap. My advice here would be : dont marry a woman who is known to be easy , but you can sure date her. IF i wanted to invest 50k in the next seven days locally I would flip something(doesnt have to be land/property), the market dynamics here follow what you can expect from places with high disparity and a buoyant ruling elite thats not yet price educated ( there are little to none incentives for them to be) IF I had to invest 50k anywhere in the world rigth now, using the whole 50k and avoiding crypto (since you are here one guesses you want to try a diversify a bit) I would drop them on my favorite amongst the ruralareas-renewable-power suppliers targeted by Bidens plan if im feeling super cautious. Having said that, I really dont avoid crypto and really like trading ( anything that can be exchanged from the comfort of my home and with me being able to interact with dynamically ) I believe current market conditions are fairly easy to read, ( In the sense trends are consonant with what is expected during a worldwide event and its overcoming). Even with little knowledge and experience it would be fairly easy for any normal human to identify and trade within trend. Things are happening within theory, when that happens capital makes a killing. Some brain food: Capital intensive vs Labor intensive activities under and post crisis envirorments. Liquidity. Cost of opportunity. Country Risk. PD: anything government related is money driven(not law) in Venezuela, so you can expect uncertainty on the legal side, having said since there is no variety anything you do get going gets off well. But most of them are shortlived since economies of scale tend to favor long lobbied big players. So when there are no big players things work out until your business model is copied/pasted by them or cut/paste ( if you dont play along). When i say big players i mean Huge local Cash Cow companies that have at least 30%+ market share in their sector or some all powerfull government official). Anecdote: One friend had a good run by setting up a small residential internet company just by doing some small office investment and getting US based satellite internet wich he later sold here, and in tandem imported the necessary kit for costumers using another company. He was able to get some pretty awesome returns both within his service company and the distribution one. To my surprise , none of the companies were even registered as such. But not the government official that bought the whole thing dirt cheap. That was of course after the good margins were over and under my friends starting plan, but little of consurn to said official who was in turn planning on using the endeavor to over overcharge the government for routers.
  6. Everton 0 - 1 Spurs Newcastle 1 - 2 West Ham Wolves 2 - 0 Sheffield Utd Arsenal 2 - 0 Fulham Man Utd 2 - 0 Burnley Leeds 1 - 2 Liverpool Chelsea 2 - 0 Brighton Spurs 2 - 0 Southampton Aston Villa 0 - 2 Man City Leicester 2 - 1 West Brom Tie breaker: 27 min. Stake Username: Jesantana
  7. Fulham 0 - 1 Wolves Man City 2 - 1 Leeds Liverpool 2 - 0 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Chelsea Burnley 1 - 1 Newcastle West Ham 0 - 2 Leicester Spurs 2 - 1 Man Utd Sheffield Utd 1 - 2 Arsenal West Brom 1 - 1 Southampton Brighton 0 - 1 Everton tiebreaker: 33 min username: jesantana
  8. Chelsea 3 - 0 West Brom Leeds 2 - 1 Sheffield Utd Leicester 1 - 3 Man City Arsenal 1 - 2 Liverpool Southampton 2 - 0 Burnley Newcastle 0 - 3 Tottenham Aston Villa 2 - 1 Fulham Man Utd 2 - 0 Brighton Everton 2 - 1 Crystal Palace Wolves 2 - 1 West Ham Tiebreaker - 33' Stake user : jesantana
  9. Newcastle 1 - 2 Aston Villa Leeds 0 - 1 Chelsea Crystal Palace 1 - 1 West Brom Everton 1 - 0 Burnley Fulham 1 - 2 Man City Southampton 1 - 1 Brighton Leicester 2 - 0 Sheffield Utd Arsenal 0 - 1 Tottenham Man Utd 2 - 1 West Ham Wolves 1 - 1 Liverpool Tiebreaker: Guess the time for the first goal in the Arsenal - Tottenham match. 33 username Jesantana
  10. Burnley 0 - 1 Arsenal Sheffield Utd 0 - 1 Southampton Aston Villa 3 - 0 Wolves Brighton 1 - 2 Leicester West Brom 0 - 1 Newcastle Liverpool 1 - 0 Fulham Man City 2 - 0 Man Utd Tottenham 3 - 0 Crystal Palace Chelsea 1 - 0 Everton West Ham 3 - Leeds 1 Guess the time for the first goal in the Man City - Man Utd match. =33 username: jesantana best of luck
  11. Eye training is cool, just dig it in general try to figure out for yourself why did he put that line there? on stuff you like and know worked in context. For instance : WOW that was a bold choice Maurits Cornelis , why would you do that? how come im so not clever to immediately see it, help me out book , tell me why Escher might have done that. For me , visual language is extremely fast in the sense our brain is kinda conceived to rapidly try to identify patterns, so it figures that making a conscious effort to have purpose or at least some kind of explanation or excuse for every single little detail you create tends to yield better and more happy results. It might sound a bit obsessive and I understand you could achieve the same by being wickedly inspired or talented (or using lsd or anything dmt related) and using some other less conscious effort or process , regardless of the type of flow , generally the results the same, things that click , click for a reason. Reason is in part determined by the self but one could argue that the visual language is one of the most developed ones on average so knowingly or not your average consumer is super smart , you can find far more consensus visually that you would do with sound . -You can blame early survival for that i guess-. ( Language and perceptual categorisation by Jules Davidoff is a fun read). There is a myriad of interesting and challenging topics you can dig into from trying to figure out if stuff you hear often is really true for you , like there are no straight lines in nature or Goethes theory about color is outdated. Sorry for the long ramble, that advice was really helpful for me and I wanted to try and make it so for others, i hope im not too dumb with word and some of it got thru , best of luck.
  12. bet id : 41 239 237 235 Username :jesantana
  13. Hi my name is Greta and this is my pet Javier.
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