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  1. I get your point....personally I'm very happy with the way stake treats it's players....but the tone of your reply sounds as if you think *asking* is blasphemy....it's a reasonable question imo; especially since some of us are down insane amounts. It's not like he said he felt entitled to something etc
  2. Personally I love it....Bonus has crazy potential with 3x wins.....deff down a lot on it when I tilt and start spinning for $5-10 tho (can't seem to bonus it on $10 🤷‍♂️)
  3. Just hit platinum 2 yesterday....Coming for that diamond
  4. I've looked into buying a white label online casino....and was told straight up by the creator/seller that, "The provably fair system can be manipulated." Actually took screen shots as it was on telegram and figured he'd eventually delete that part. But yes.....it is possible. Worth it? probably not; why risk your entire business for a few bucks when you're guaranteed to make BANK providing a straight up game? I mean, it has happened in the past (google Absolute poker/Ultimate bet superusers if interested in reading about biggest online poker fraud to date) just do your research befo
  5. There's a saying..."there are 2 highs in gambling....the winning high...and the losing high." Learn to embrace both I guess
  6. 20k on Sweet Bonanza Christmas. Unfortunately I have no recollection on the bet amount or the win itself....Xannys are a hell of a drug *shrug*
  7. Hahaha; Guess I hit that 2X! A mistake within a mistake! I've been scared to make it rain since...only single tips and that gets annoying....good to know thanks!
  8. Lol I’m not sure if that’s aimed at me or OP; both would be fair assumptions though 😂
  9. Ouch. Funny how we never seem to hit 1000X when that happens
  10. Yeah thankfully for me it was after a huge win. Damn that sucks man sorry to hear.
  11. lol if you’re admitting on the stake forum you play from a restricted area. 👋 👋 account. If you’re living in a restricted area....don’t risk playing here imo.
  12. I’ve gambled ~72 hours without sleeping before (thank you stimulants....)
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