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  1. willowsleepy gl eddie! ❤️ Royal Blue
  2. I 100% agree, I think they should raise it to maybe 5k or at least require a deposit made in some period of time maybe 30 days or something... I'm not saying it should be impossible for those that dont wager much, maybe there could be like and either/or type criteria. I'm not sure how specific the bot can be commanded, I don't know maybe like "5k wagered in the last 7 days OR negative profit over 200 in the last 7 days OR deposits of $50+" ,, again, I'm sure that'd likely be too much for the bot to handle, I'm just brainstorming
  3. I think the general consensus has nothing to do with the fact that it's free money, however much more so that it's clogging chat, and I mean that literally. It causes so much spam that it freezes both chat and game play for amounts that are not worth the insanity by far.
  4. I don't believe anyone at all is looking at rains as any kind of income, at all. That's not what this is about, nor is it a reason for wanting higher/lower ones hahha
  5. I might, or I'd might at least intend to and even go off for a while, but surely.... ultimately, I'd be back hahaha
  6. Nice to meet you Marko! I'm in both pd and stake chat most often daily, great to have you on board!
  7. I agree, though I view this much more as just an open pros/cons discussion rather than a complaint dept. haha
  8. I'd be perfectly ok with this, and also I'm not talking about raising it to large amount (maybe 5$ min or something, or at least limiting the number of recipients for minimums maybe) but 1$ to 25 ppl i think is causing obscene amounts of spam and is virtually pointless Is it really though? As I'm a pretty regular member in the chat community, I for one would much rather have a functioning, NONfrozen, (spamless would be inconceivable but with less spam would be nice)..... than $0.04 cents --shrugs--
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