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  1. My most common strat is where i start out trying to bet really smart and small and start to win then go a lil crazy and hit excessively and win big right away really fast and then get carried away and give it all back to Eddie at warp speed.... yeah ,, im REALLY good at that 1 LOL
  2. well, a new lambo is around $200k- $225k usd to start, like basic model so im assuming somewhere round there, but i havent heard anyone talking bout exact amounts
  3. gambling loans are seriously never worth it, and thinking youre going to pay a loan back with a loan u took cuz you think youre gona win, is a disaster. now that being said, ive borrowed to play, but ona really super small scale, and always set paydates with intended deposit dates, never plan to payback from a win, youll get urself in way over your head
  4. to be honest, I think stake rewards its players with bonuses more than any other casino ive ever played at, and tho i feel a very thorough job has been done making sure players are rewarded and feel appreciated,, i think the affiliate bonus program needs a lot of attention and some adjustments
  5. I agree, and i dont see much in the way of advertising it either, I think there should be some pre set level bonuses for affiliate coms too, like maybe ,, u get X amount when they make their first deposit (doesnt have to be much ,,, $1 even ,,something, anything) and like idk your affiliate reached bronze = $5 reached silver 10$ idk, just random ideas etc
  6. rich is such a relative term, different ppl have such different ideas as to what rich is, i certainly havent gotten rich gambling, but ive had some very rich days and weeks!
  7. its fun playing with alts sometimes,, but i think races n rewards should always be in bitcoin,, tho i do likethe new redeem option of all the coupons being so that you can choose now
  8. most games can be played with 0 bets if you are just trying to learn how to play them, but to test the waters, theres no minimum deposit amount and since you cant even receive rains without having wagered 1k usd in the previous 7 days, u gona b waitn a loooooooooooooong time bud hahaha
  9. first casino game i ever played was texas holdem, but if you mean like auto games, it was slots, tho i dont remember the names
  10. I gamble pretty much every night without sleeping LOL, tho sometimes i taka nap!
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