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  1. Hey guys and girl i found a new technique to rob eddie. Hope this startegy help you. First of all you need some good chunks of money in your balance for me 10$ works then go to limbo choose a new seed especially choose the one with alphabet's at beginning if there's f in beginning then just choose it. Then we turn on max bet button then go all in 1.5x for 2-3 time change seed go all in 1.5× again for 2-3 rounds. I robbed 50$ from eddie by this startegy hope you can rob him too. If you win big chunks of money then don't forget me i am Gavin211 everywhere you know what i mean don't yo
  2. My classic dice strategy Payout :-5.26x and on loss 36% Payout :-39x and on loss 2.8% Payout :-11x and on loss 15% And last and my favorite is play 1.5x manually with increase bet at 1st green and decrease bet at straight 3rd green..
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