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  1. Sometimes i win sometimes i lose but it's definitely worth it. Stake has best sports bookies.
  2. I am watching one piece and The lucifer latest season
  3. When i used to gamble on scam sites i thought stake is for high rollers only. And i didn't joined stake but after wasting alot of money in alot of sites my friend suggested me stake and told me the benefits of joining stakes. And after that i am enjoying stake alot. Owner eddie is very smart and funny. I like him alot
  4. Usually what i do for wagering is i set multiplier for 1.102x in limbo and place 10$ bet and go for like 50 bets then i change seed and go again.
  5. I suck at blackjack. I don't know basic rules of blackjack. I hate slots man. Can you suggest something classic where i can make stonks amount of money.
  6. I play dice and Limbo. I always lose and I can't stop gambling. It's desperate appeal for help. Give me some good starts so that i can also win. I chase for 1.5x multi in dice and limbo and I always bust.
  7. Gavin211


    Wait for atleast 2-3 months then buy the dip
  8. Hey guys and girl i found a new technique to rob eddie. Hope this startegy help you. First of all you need some good chunks of money in your balance for me 10$ works then go to limbo choose a new seed especially choose the one with alphabet's at beginning if there's f in beginning then just choose it. Then we turn on max bet button then go all in 1.5x for 2-3 time change seed go all in 1.5× again for 2-3 rounds. I robbed 50$ from eddie by this startegy hope you can rob him too. If you win big chunks of money then don't forget me i am Gavin211 everywhere you know what i mean don't yo
  9. My classic dice strategy Payout :-5.26x and on loss 36% Payout :-39x and on loss 2.8% Payout :-11x and on loss 15% And last and my favorite is play 1.5x manually with increase bet at 1st green and decrease bet at straight 3rd green..
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