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  1. I would love to become a moderator on Dlive since i am a very active Stake player, forum poster and im at every single weekly giveaway! ❤️ My stake username is Geensteen and my dlive username is also Geensteen!
  2. Username: Geensteen Lucky color: Orange
  3. Username: Geensteen Color: Red
  4. Agreed, i think scarab is 1000 times better. I hope they make a new original slot. Because blue samurai aint it
  5. Ah darn!! You guys like dress up and stuff and go on the streets? Any pics to share? Oh never heard of that! I looked it up.. looks like some sort carnaval.. cool! Any nice pictures to share?
  6. I tuned into a stream of someone who said he had a retrig on there today. Never even saw it on anyone ever tho... Its near the impossible
  7. Boo! Everyone 👻 To kind of get in the mood im making a halloween post! I might be a bit early but its just over 1 month until its halloween 👻.. i'm just rly curious about countries celebrating halloween. For example in america its a huge thing but in europe not realy? Or is it? Let me know and please show me some cool costumes from previous or coming year!!! Lets see what Stake has planned for Halloweeeeeeeen... 💀
  8. Well this didn't turn out too good did it 😂
  9. I think some people forget that in the end we will always lose long term (if u look at the numbers). You WILL 100% lose money. That's gambling.. not a scam.. just gambling.
  10. Yes... Abba once said it.. The winner takes it all
  11. Hey Ed! It just mixes up the chat rooms. Can be quite buggy in that way. The rest is perfect ❤️
  12. Heya! Tested it out Only thing i noticed is the chat being buggy. For me the rest barely made any difference. Don't realy see the visual changes people talk about on the thread but i love the performance boost.. even though that was only bad for me on saturdays. Great work though. A thing i wished u guys added: New features not only like this weeks' features but previous weeks too as in like pages per week? Sometimes i play through new releases and forget the name and it just dissapears in the void of slots.
  13. Depends on what u are aiming for.. Less bonuses with chances of getting decent multis? Or a lot of bonuses and hoping one is big? Either way recommend Play 'n Go , Gamomat, Pragmatic Play Best of luck! ❤️
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