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  1. I'm back to watching Friends and just as I had 1 season left, Netflix removed it from their platform
  2. No I'm not but me and my girlfriend were thinking to make our pet rabbit famous by creating an IG profile of it hahah.
  3. Currently reading "The Outsider" by Stephen King
  4. Yep, we called it Mr. Pickles 😄
  5. Never had a job in high school, I was always self employed (webdesign and SEO).
  6. Sony Erickson phones were very good performing devices back then. My whole family had one 😄
  7. What have gay people to do with using Caps lol. The Stake chat is one of the most overcrowded online casino chats ever, imagine what would Caps do... let me give you a hint: *cough* spam *cough* P.S. you can express yourself without Caps too.
  8. Mine is a Nissan GTR ❤️
  9. Witcher series Fallout 4 Skyrim Red Dead Redemption 2 FarCry series Thief Dishonored series GTA series
  10. From what I've heard duping money on Genshin is not a smart thing to do. I've seen a couple of youtubers complain about it. I play it as well and enjoy it at 100% with 0 purchases
  11. Welcome, I'm new here too and I like the community so far
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