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  1. If Position 6 doesnt post maybe i will receive because im placed 1929 😪 Best regards and good luck
  2. i wouldnt wait for the rain because u always get a small amount if u are the lucky one.. also depends on which amount you want to gamble with .D
  3. with every bet u make the amount is wagered for your VIP status
  4. Crystal Palace0 -2 Liverpool Southampton 1-1 Man City Everton 2-1 Arsenal Newcastle 2-0Fulham Brighton 1-1 Sheffield Utd Spurs 2-0 Leicester Man Utd 2-1 Leeds West Brom 1-2Aston Villa Burnley 1-3Wolves Chelsea 3-0 West Ham tiebreaker : 19' krische
  5. its easy to bet 5k but not with 10 cents bets
  6. usa wants to forbid stablecoins in january i read. anyone else too?
  7. krische


    pokerroom with cashgame or tournaments would be soooo nice
  8. my fav is trx, deposit and withdraw within 1 min
  9. tried this several times too but doenst work for me
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