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  1. Crystal Palace 1-1 Newcastle Brighton 1-3 Liverpool Man City 2-0 Burnley Everton 3-2 Leeds West Brom 1-0 Sheffield Utd Southampton 2-2 Man Utd Chelsea 1-2 Spurs Arsenal 1-1 Wolves Leicester 4-0 Fulham West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa Tie breaker: 8th minute
  2. I prefer soccer. The only reason is that I'm following European soccer for many years (about 15 years of active betting and following the results, transfers, statistic, H2H results and so on) If you choose to bet on high integrity competition as England PL, France Ligue 1, Italy Serie A (which is my favorite), Spain Primera Division, there is more possibilities. For example you can bet on 1x2 markets, or simply on Asian total if you are not sure. That opens many space for you to combine single bets or parlays, depends on weekend offer. So my vote is going to soccer!
  3. When you are new in something and want to place bet, the best option is to prepare yourself. Follow a few matches before your first bet, analyze how the game is going, learn all rules about the sport and research a little bit before start.
  4. If you are not following any sport, the best place to start is some sport channel. Try to follow some sport you might like and see how it is going live for example. You need time for that, but I am sure it will be better to prepare yourself than to play on luck only.
  5. TT is a great sport....to play...but to bet on it... awful!
  6. Thanks God all leagues has back on TV. I hope this new wave won't affect sport.
  7. First of all don't bet on thing you are not sure. Second, better choose high integrity leagues to be sure they won't fix the match or there won't be a problem of any kind. Also try to compare previous matches, especially home-away statistic.
  8. Both teams to score and both teams to score in 1st half is the best possible market.
  9. I've got really good feeling about this weekend!
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