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  1. Sensible Soccer 2020 is a great to play. Updated squads and easy to play it is a must for football fans.
  2. I will definitely quit and start a new life with this money. I can create a charity and support musicians and artists living both in my country and all around the world i will try to help them
  3. Happy birthday Ura. By the way birthday with stake (not steak) is better. But if you love steak then gratefully eat today...😁
  4. Hello guys, as traditional Sunday activity i started a challenge as Road to 100k with my only small budget such as 80 TRX. Here is the first game I chose 182 pts. under for this last game total with the 1.75 odds and result https://staketr.com/sports/basketball/australia/nbl/41908265-melbourne-united-sydney-kings?iid=sport%3A9475685&modal=bet Second game from handball Russia with 1.37 odds https://staketr.com/sports/handball/russia/super-league/41921989-dinamo-chelyabinsk-hc-kaustik-volgograd?iid=sport%3A9476203&modal=bet Third game Tennis for 1st set win
  5. Also check why plinko never pays me 1000x and dice always clear my balance. By the way i didnt forget these TT players. I will ask these riggers how they can succeed while they were ahead at 2-0 then selling thegame to 2-3
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