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  1. For me xrp the best coin fast deposit and withdraw Ethereum is the next after bitcoin
  2. Check streamer section Or check in google or youtube
  3. hobby, i like doing sport especially basketball
  4. Never it's hard to get that I'm lucky if I hit that and stop gambling 🤣😂 a lover has bigger chance than hitting 1m payout 😏
  5. Never but could have been, I want to keep it that way It's bad no way 🤣
  6. Stake Originals, over 100x Odd Multiplier/Crypto amount Win hunt. Who wins 1st or with highest Multiplier. Example - Win 0.00420000 with Highest Multiplier possible! Example - Win 0.00420000 with 200x First one!
  7. Stakegamer is the best name for me if you play don't be greedy lol
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