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  1. K1zz3r Thanks for everything you are doing on tous website. Cheers and Good Luck to all of you. Best wishes
  2. Thx mate did not cashed out all unfortunatly. Next time ^^
  3. Obv ^^ I had a x18000 on razor shark last year and took a lot...that kind of hit happen one time. Well done on 9th place of the race and get plat II. Cheers wish you all the best
  4. Hi Last year i hit on RazorShark x18000 on a bet a 5€. Get the bonus and hit the heaven with those 90k. Cheers
  5. As every one i guess. Not stoping when luck is gone. And start the day after. We have to learn of our mistakes. Wish you all the Best. Good luck Cheers
  6. Then my biggest win ever was on RazorShark last year 5€ bet get bonus--> hit 90k. What a feeling... i hope one day you all will have better than me. Enjoy & Good Luck
  7. Hi Somepeole told me that it will be in cash the amount of the lambo. In my case i hope hard but only with 140 tickets i assume i will drive nowhere lol. Good luck to all of you. Cheers
  8. Hi I love pragma too. Rallye enjoy sweet bonanza (2 versions) when it hit ^^. About the tips it will depends on the winning as always and what you've lost before. Enjoy & Good Luck Cheers
  9. It's only if you gamble that you can win ^^ But play the money that you can loose and not the one with you re live for. Cheers
  10. Welcome to you MerchWarrior il wish you all the best and for all of you. Cheers
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