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  1. Isn’t that feeling people have? Like driving a fast car. They like to talk about that. I think individual feels about doing certain thing. I spoke one guy with full of tattoos. He explain why he having so many tattoos. there is a lot of risk no doubt.
  2. Country road by John donver. It is very old song
  3. It was a messy election. Finally , say Biden won but ....
  4. would you mind sharing a photo
  5. Are you a tattoo person or no. How you feel to have a tattoo on you whole body. Is that giving you extra confidence or it a fashion. I never had one, I’m scared of Needles
  6. For me , it is BITCOIN, ether, and ripple. these coins were there for long time. I think , crypto is still new and much more to offer next couple of years
  7. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day
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