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  1. *insert gold* MaLkel */insert gold* hugs and love to every vip manager🙏🏻
  2. Depends on whether you 100% sure you can back up a loss. Or else don't bother
  3. Hey there, This button that's right next to the bet button bothers me a lot and made me do some painfully high bets on accident. Is it possible to move this to the other side of the bet size bar? That way I won't press it the same time with my big sausage fingers😓
  4. Snorlax, because i look and feel like it🤡
  5. Probably skipped one night longest, but a little as 2hrs sleep resets me and ill most likely be zombie next day.
  6. Leave chat open and do a little depo so you can enjoy both 😏
  7. Just over a month too, sadly we still not platinum.. Grind game starts soon
  8. Nokia 2260 and I got a new one when that one broke. So you can do the math🤑
  9. Parasite and Jojo rabbit I enjoyed a lot!
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