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  1. MAlKEL Wishing you all a great weekendπŸš€ mikado
  2. MAlKEL IndigoπŸ…πŸ“
  3. Parasite Jojo rabbit The invisible women The breakfast club Juno Can go on endlessly
  4. I've once done over 40k balls and not hit a single 1000x and 6k did the trick last week. It really depends on how lucky you are. It's 1000x so it shouldbt be easy. Profit wise I like to do high 10 rows. Because it hits 10x a lot and the 78x quite often to
  5. Coinbase prohibits any user to use an account for activity like gambling, no matter where you from. The regulations that are in the country you live in don't affect these rules.
  6. Trust is a good one. Exodus fees are sometimes very high and Coinbase hates gambling
  7. I liked the slot and I hit the bonus multiple times. Try to stay positive and eventually luck turns around πŸ™ Good luck and happy holidays
  8. SLOTSSAMURAI: 31,819,772,276 placed by MAlKEL on 01/12/2020 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 42x Profit 0.00135300
  9. Depends on whether you 100% sure you can back up a loss. Or else don't bother
  10. Hey there, This button that's right next to the bet button bothers me a lot and made me do some painfully high bets on accident. Is it possible to move this to the other side of the bet size bar? That way I won't press it the same time with my big sausage fingersπŸ˜“
  11. Snorlax, because i look and feel like it🀑
  12. Probably skipped one night longest, but a little as 2hrs sleep resets me and ill most likely be zombie next day.
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