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  1. Loidy Thanks for the extra work team 👍 Purple rain 😈
  2. Loidy Good luck and win a lot of GOLD Eddie !
  3. That would be useful but Eddie said they can’t show the wage in real time, it’s too complicated... So you can have a snapshot instead, by asking the support
  4. I searched for a casino in crypto, I tried a few, and stick with stake because of the tchat and the vip bonus
  5. Did any of these changed since the recent upgrade ?
  6. You’ll eventually have to deposit. But the rains are useful to try some games without worrying about losing
  7. Mine is x2.56 increase 88% on loss. But it’s a delayed martingale. So it only increase after 3 first red
  8. I really enjoy Warrior Graveyard at the moment. Good dynamics of the game and the bonus can go so crazy
  9. Just playing with the extra money I have from the tips at my job hehe
  10. Hey guys ! Welcome here ! Nice to see you post here K1zz3r
  11. Hey guys. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new design and animations on the scarab slot game. I would like to share here the bugs that started occurring since the update. First of all I’m playing on mobile. Everytime I hit a bonus, my browser (chrome) is refreshing and I can’t see the spins. I also have this bug when I open a bet id Did anyone else come across this annoying bugs ?
  12. Finished Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I highly recommend it ! It’s a life changing book
  13. Crash is the real thrill for me. But I love scarab too
  14. Never found a good strategy because you can’t « read » that game really
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