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  1. What will make this week end Milan? Can win against Roma? Will Milan take the match vs Manchester UTD?
  2. Celtics to win Bulls to win Jazz to win Thunders to win Pistons to win Lakers to win Warriors to win All is x64.89 Good Luck
  3. Today Nhl Bet Kings to win Flames to win Capitals to win Flyers to win Predators to win Rangers to win All is x52.61 good luck
  4. Hi guys what you think if is possible to add some match to our parlays? If we have a winning parlay and we want to increase the odds to have an option to make it. It can be really nice for Stake to have it and for us too.
  5. My favourite team in Soccer is Milan. Big history. Much fantastics player played on Milan. Hope we will retourn back to CL in not long time. Hope this year we can get it. Forza Milan ⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫
  6. My dog relaxing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Guys what you think about Medvedev to win vs Djokovic? Can he beat the king of AO?
  8. Hei guys what you think? Will Milan win vs Inter and take the first position again? I will say 2-1 for Milan
  9. Hi guys. What u think about this daily bet? Milan to win Leicester to win Flyers to win All is x8 It will be nice odd for an easy bet.
  10. Hi guys what do you think about Fognini? Where can his run Stop? Can he win the next match?
  11. Hi guys what you think about this bet? Boston Bruins to win St.Louis to win New York Knicks to win S.Antonio Spurs to win All is x12.24
  12. Hi what do you think about this week end? Where do you think to sports bet? Parma - Fiorentina 2 Everton - Man utd 2 Sevilla - Osasouna 1
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