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  1. SLOTSSAMURAI: 40,650,496,135 placed by crunkpimp on 06/04/2021 Wagered 0.10000000 Multiplier 121.5x Profit 12.05000000
  2. 2pac - death around the corner
  3. SLOTS: 33,137,404,536 placed by crunkpimp on 26/12/2020 Wagered 10.00000000 Multiplier 111.8x Profit 1108.00000000
  4. verify is always the first thing i do when i register
  5. registered i have a lot of time ago but playing active since 2 months
  6. first online casino i played was casumo
  7. if i win the lambo i will sell it and give all germans i like 1000 for playing
  8. i like litecoins transaction very quick mind dep 0,10 $ and very low fees
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