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  1. I downloaded a free app, helped me get the basics down. Any thoughts on Stake Original vs Live?
  2. It's a good way to increase your wager amount, but in the long run you will lose it.
  3. Masty

    Plinko 1000x

    I can barely hit the 3ed from the outside.
  4. I've lost plenty of money on sports betting, so of the opposite of your question.
  5. Oh this Dice idea is interesting. I've been doing Low stakes Plinko, but this sounds nice.
  6. Bonus amount depends a lot on your VIP level and how much you have wagered.
  7. Probably most of the Megaways, those have increasing multiplier and retriggers for extra spins.
  8. Support just told me you need to have 10 comments on the forum to be allowed to comment on the Challenges.
  9. Anyone know what slots have a coin grab type feature? Not sure what other term this might be called, but where you hit 5 or 6 coins during a regular spin and it activates a feature where it collects additional coins? Thanks.
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