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  1. During my early days here on stake, I able to stayed for than 12 hours playing Crazy Time.
  2. Not really believe on that but beginner's luck on my terms.
  3. I tried it on Jackpot slot. I play everyday with different providers and it seems, winning for me.
  4. I also experienced it sometime that is why I learned to discipline myself not to be greedy.
  5. At first, gambling for me is just for fun but in the long run it become my daily routine that is why I stake on myself policy not to be greedy .
  6. I only gamble my extra money since that was the only money I can afford to lose.
  7. Big No. Loan not really worth for gambling purpose.Better stake to the basic which is not to gamble what you can't afford, and never to risk an amount that might cause you to lose a night's sleep”
  8. I got 500x playing on Super Sic-Bo and also 400x in Crazy Time then I think it was just beginners luck.
  9. One of my friend suggested it to me and Thanks to him as I landed on best gambling site.
  10. When I gamble My favorite song is The Angel And The Gambler by Iron Maiden
  11. Will normally as human being where ups and down is a part of our life then when times come up that we felt so down then we also normally felt depression and when I got that moment, will definitely I will make any gamble on that time since it's really hard to focus during that time.
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