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  1. Gabp99 white like eddie’s t-shirt
  2. England or Spain for sure, italy have no chances 🦉🦉🦉🦉 🇮🇹🇮🇹FORZA ITALIA 🇮🇹🇮🇹
  3. To be honest thanks to stake i don’t even like anymore playing. It’s just im sucked into their zombie retention program that continuously grow up ur addiction, to let u lose more and more till u have nothing. thanks for the advice anyways.
  4. Well i see the bad streaks only, good streaks never comes
  5. Hi guys, Last times i noticed big changing in stake gameplay, i want to ask ur point of view on that and if u feel same things. Since this big promotions starting and stake becoming a Paradise for Big Streamers stake feels even much more rigged then usual… For sure it’s all bad luck but if u have bad luck one day it’s okay, if u have bad luck 30 days a month u starting questioning and doing 1+1… I’m speaking about losing streaks on simple chances games like mines, dice, hilo. Another thing that i noticed is once u withdraw something, u will lose all the remaining balance so u can deposit again and start losing all… I want ur point of view and ur recent Experiences on stake.
  6. Gabp99 Razzmatazz (isn’t a disco in Barcelona Steve lol)
  7. Being a mod on Stake.com like on other gambling site is not easy for sure. I respect the work and in mods position probably i will do same mistakes. (This is not a personal attack to mods, and maybe can help anyone to improve, player side and mods side) Reaction to break rules sometimes different and depends on a lot of factors like: - player rank (well money matters) - mods mood (sometimes they’re just angry) And other stuff like that. So my answer is: U think that mods are fair (overall)? (Vote is anonymous and u will not get muted for express ur opinion)
  8. Gabp99 ❤️❤️ milrive
  9. I usually play a martingale on 1.21x with 700% increase on loss. My basebet is made to resist at 7 Losses in a row. Can u test it and see what’s the max loss streak in 1mil bets?
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