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  1. I am trying to finish watching the tv series that I had pending like dr house for example . But I repeat I am trying.......
  2. Well..... dont look me!!. I dont have food, but i have to much love for you guys 😺🐶
  3. By Draccopvp, really fortunately, I dont know.....
  4. I am from Bs As. Argentina.
  5. To aru majutsu no Index I, II, III and spinoffs
  6. The Amazing and incredible LG MG110a A rock in every way. Very durable. (Nokia 1100 fans refrain -.-)
  7. Chilled Cow, every time.....and maybe a litle of jazz.🎵
  8. My nickname is Karsius. The origin of the name comes from the distant year of 2007 with the expansion of BC (wow), and the npc Karsius the Ancient Watcher in Shadowmoon Valley. Plz don't hate me....... -__-!
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