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    because i have insane memorie i never laugh with your bet you bet on something shit on fifa esports and you complain about your luck like "life its not fair and stuff like that" you just basicly crying about your bet anyway i dont want to be on offtopic good luck with your issue
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    i didnt even read the whole message but if cdot mute you on stake chat it was because you did something dumb and disrepectfull to other uses. He didnt do something personal to you for sure, also you being so toxic to me on stake chat so iam not suprise you get mute!!
  3. it was other currency so just probabbly the price drop my mistake about that
  4. this is so unprofesional also i didnt even finish ton top 20 but i claim 6$ and other guy got 4$ we are not all get the same prize? both accounts was verified lvl 2
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