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  1. Tetsuya07 First time to be here good luck sir! Gold
  2. New here lol few days ago. But im playing casino since 2017 a little casino site that turns bigtime tho memries unfortunately theres no chat room on that site lol
  3. I choose deposit well it much more faster than waiting on a tiny rain lucks might be somewhere but if you ever feel like youre lucky on getting rains then should do
  4. I think this one counts on every topic you commented dunno exactly but it counts on mine content
  5. Maybe someone did but its rarely and often some are greedy and risk everything lmao like my friend he got 1millions if you convert that to my country currency but yet he didnt withdraw for 3days and in a glimpse of time he ended up busting it all lmao
  6. Strollin somewhere lmao sometimes i collect cards (anime cards)
  7. Posted on fb but i didnt register to that players referral just checking if this casino site is legit haha
  8. Hmm i havent tried this yet. Will try later i guess
  9. Everything is possible so be positive lmao. I made my 2$ to 2000 before on my first casino site and wager millions tho it takes a lot of time and hard work process
  10. Hmm maybe hunt for 2x at first then play that 1.01x strategy it works on me perfectly so i guess you should try it
  11. Short tips. Dont be greedy play it smooth and slowly that all matters for newbies
  12. I think people who get depressed is those who let their greed take over themselves. I mean like increasing the bet even tho you only had small balance chasing to get the multis but end up busting
  13. Never had one but hoping will get 4 or 5 digits hahaha. Still checking the mechanics of this site before i rained my madness here😂
  14. Idk what it feels cus it didnt happen to me. I always stop when im near on my limit and try the game by next day and it really works for me making it 6x of my deposit.
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