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  1. Gratz to all winners we wil catch up with u soon
  2. What do you mean by what is real
  3. Yes it's legal in South Africa...!
  4. Beard is gone lol some changes had to be made.... Changes is good right....! f7!
  5. Goodluck on streaming today mrbig boss @primeedd @Rymurray
  6. Stake is awesome best site created sofar thanks Eddie and all you people who made stake for what it is today... Keep on winning people kick some ass!!!!! Ps.. Ive never won a giveaway on forum before please let it be my first LUL D) @Rymurray
  7. Who knows when will there be a reload for none vips Also
  8. 🤣Lmao Growing some beard haha
  9. Motocross, Enduro amx
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