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  1. Wow, such an interesting article! Thanks for sharing this info, bro. You know, I don't think that playing games of chance are a sin. I think that it could be a way to relax and to take the stress off. So, what is bad about it? I'm playing sometimes, but I'm playing pretty seldom and only on trustable resources. I think that I can share with you one of my last openings. Do you know anything about fairspin? It is a crypto casino based on a blockchain platform. It is so unusual nowadays, there are pretty few numbers of such websites now.
  2. Dudes, I am utterly convinced that almost all these promo actions on such platforms are not honest. Yeah, you receive these free spins, but it is impossible to win 50X multiplier to use it. This is my opinion and it could be very different with your, but I have a rather nice experience in this sphere and I have never seen any cases when such bonuses really played a positive role in someone's gambling career. When I see such advertisement of sites like fairspin, well, it works with the help of blockchain and it means that you have a chance to receive some money from this free spins. You can have another opinion, it is normal
  3. Halo teman2! Baru saja saya mulai tertarik dalam permainan judi dan cari platform baru di bidang itu. Jika ada yang tau apapun tentang isu ini tolong bagi sama saya bisa akan sangat berguna. Kalo saya sindri bisa menasehati untuk mencoba sebuah website yang bar saya ketemu yaitu Fairspin. Khasnya dia dalam sistem block chain yang mereka pakai sebagai sistem dasar semua operasi keuangan agar semua penguna jasanya mereka bisa cek tampa batas. Sayangnya wesite seperti itu masih sedikit.
  4. Hi! To be honest, I think that dice is not my favorite game. Maybe it is so because I'm not good at that. I'm always losing there, haha. But I can definitely say that I'm good at blackjack. My highest win was on fairspin as far as I remember, it was somewhere about 1000 of dollars. Honestly, it is not my first huge prize, but recently I was playing on a scamming website and I just lost my money. It was so sad and unjust. So now I'm playing only on trustworthy websites. It is my new unbreakable rule.
  5. I prefer to go to sleep. It is the best way to forget this day for me
  6. Ohhh, just stop playing and all will become better in your life, heh
  7. somewhere about 1500$. It was once
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