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  1. Hi, first of all I have to agree with you ...! I also know it from Martingale so that profit value = stake value counts as a won bet and therefore reset to basic bet or with your own strategy, stake doubling in case of defeat. But in the end you have the option to check the rules again everywhere. If you press spin after a slot has loaded, you can't complain if maxbet was preset & the 1st = the last spin was ... 😅 BUT the betting result shown in green is really misleading ...! That will probably lead to discussions in the future ... German said: "The customer is king" I would probably give you a reload, create facts, publish information about mails, community, chats and then after work🍻
  2. Coinbase - https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/r5gj92s8
  3. i am using Coinbase for direkt deposit and i am satisfied . After sending out from coinbase i recieveing my crypto within 5 min. because it needs only one Confirmation from the network !
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