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  1. alexmir89 thanks for entertainment 💌
  2. Crystal Palace - Newcastle 3-0 Brighton - Liverpool 1-1 Man City - Burnley 2-0 Everton - Leeds 2-2 West Brom - Sheffield Utd 0-2 Southampton - Man Utd 0-4 Chelsea - Spurs 1-1 Arsenal - Wolves 2-0 Leicester - Fulham 1-0 West Ham - Aston Villa 0-0 First Goal: 41 mins
  3. i unfortunately have not, however i know some people that live of that, but its very hard nowadays, when casinos ban profitable players
  4. Netherlands are always up for some fun, good luck
  5. I think my first was cs 1.6 with zombie mode
  6. esports and ice hockey for sure, even though i love basketball the most
  7. thanks for sharing, however in the long run all strats will lead to loss with edge of the dice
  8. no, should spam the creator to update it
  9. depends on usage, however bitcoin best for potential, and eth faster and more volatile, however more expensive transactions
  10. damn, congrats on the win, be sure to cashout
  11. 1. Anthony Edwards 2. Lamelo Ball 3. James Wiseman 4.Onyeka Okongwu 5. Patrick Williams
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