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  1. Leicester 2 - 1 Newcastle Leeds 1 - 3 Tottenham Sheffield Utd 1 - 0 Crystal Palace Man City 0 - 1 Chelsea Liverpool 2 - 0 Southampton Wolves 0 - 1 Brighton Aston Villa 1 - 2 Man Utd West Ham 2 - 2 Everton Arsenal 2 - 0 WBA Fulham 0 - 2 Burnley Tiebreaker - 35 mins Stake Username - Jubjub
  2. Made in abyss is not just the best anime, its the best piece of media you will ever consume.
  3. Soccer: Europa league Match: As Roma vs Manchester United https://stake.com/sports/soccer/international-clubs/uefa-europa-league/41901590-as-roma-manchester-united-fc Tip: Manchester United to win @1.93 Roma keeps up with their terrible performance in Italy so I am expecting a replay of the second half from the first game. Also Pau Lopez is still injured which means Mirante will be goalkeeping and he conceded 5 goals from Manchester in the second half.
  4. Stake username: Jubjub Team name: Jubjubs poggies
  5. Soccer: France (League 1) https://stake.com/sports/soccer/france/ligue-1/41770772-olympique-marseille-rc-strasbourg-alsace Tip: Marseille to win @1.94 Reasoning: Marseille has been playing great at home for the past few weeks and with the season ending soon I am sure they are very motivated to win this one.
  6. Southampton 0 - 2 Leicester Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Man City Brighton 2 - 1 Leeds Chelsea 3 - 0 Fulham Everton 1 -1 Aston Villa Newcastle 0 - 2 Arsenal Man Utd 1 - 2 Liverpool Tottenham 3 -0 Sheffield Utd West Brom 0 - 0 Wolves Burnley 1 - 3 West Ham Tiebreaker: 29 mins Username: Jubjub
  7. I was playing league of degens to kill time, then I went outside for a smoke and watched nba for the rest of the night. Username: Jubjub
  8. the lower your bet the more u get fucked by house edge I suggest u dont play with 0.1$
  9. Match: Augsburg vs FC Koln ( Germany, Bundesliga) https://stake.com/sports/soccer/germany/bundesliga/41753133-fc-augsburg-1-fc-cologne Tip: Under 2.5 goals @1.7 Reasoning: These are very bad scoring teams with 29 goals this season each. In the last 10 games these teams played together only 2 times have they scored over 2.5 goals.
  10. What is your Stake username? My username is Jubjub. How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day? Sometimes I spend almost the whole day sometimes I don't spend any. Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? Moderators job is to help other costumers, keep the chat clean and enjoyable for everyone. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? Because I love sports, helping and talking to people. I think this is a perfect job for me and would love to do it. Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? No.
  11. Match: Ireland - Luxembourg https://stake.com/sports/soccer/international/wc-qualification-uefa/41846385-ireland-luxembourg Tip: Under 2.5 goals (1.72x) Ireland scored 0 goals in past 7 games and out of past 9 games only 1 time the game went over 2.5 goals. They are playing against Luxembourg which is pretty weak so they should play defensively, and with both sides having very weak attacks I doubt that this game can go over 1.5 goals and over 2.5 sounds almost impossible.
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