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  1. To be of any use for me it would have to allow to set a timer and lock it. Otherwise its useless to believe 2-3 clicks will save a guy on tilt to take all and go rip it.
  2. we play same slots as other casinos but they have their own home game that we play a lot.
  3. You are 18.. you are just on the starting line, you can't have destroyed your life as you have not even started building it. You are learning and hopefully will use that early lesson to prepare your future. I was in your spot too my 20's were a nightmare but i learned. My credit got destroyed... and i didn't rebuild it, the opposite i finished it off. People with gambling addiction should not have any kind of credit whatsoever. Credit is not a tool, it's not fun or good... it's just a fee.. chains that slow you down all your life. If you can't borrow.. can't get in debt... the worst that can h
  4. Hmm i didn't know there was a french chat and im there all day long haha. my name is fredo386 and i am flawless in french even though i won't use it here. I never really tought about the idea of being mod but at that point that would give me a purpose when bored lmao. i streamed for 4 years on twitch.. i type at the speed of light, well if others write a ton of infos.. i don't... mystery pick! ahah life of a gambler.. and is there a perk for being mod? never really tought about it.
  5. fredo386

    Gambling logic

    99.99% of the time no matter the strategy, plan or waht not... it just a volatility factor or playtime duration. Never really anything serious. Many think martyngale from micro bets is great but its just that the difference between the grind and a straight all in.. is that the straight all in.. go 0 straight while the grind gives hope and go up up then die anyway. So in the end the important is.. do you reach and keep your target? I realized myself that no i was not reaching my target doing martyngale i was just having false impression.. on top the slow grind make you wager a ton and the house
  6. Look, if you didn't get that already, casinos are companies there to make money. They are not welfare or social security.. they reward people that spend and that's fair like that. You think it's better for people that spend thousands to always miss all promos cauz people with no life and job spam the codes and what not everytime?
  7. fredo386


    i provided my documents and after days of wait i was refused because i didnt put the number of the document they can see.. on the document? I gave up, just assumed they just dont want me to get the bigger rewards.. i already win bad beat jackpot non sotp and rip forever.. so i well haha
  8. I had 240 tickets and i got 100$ ... so well.. stake hates me
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