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  1. You know when i was streaming.. i had a mega host form a popular streamer. Suddenly reactoonz i was playing dropped 1500x right after the big host and a playn'go rep told me to have a good day and left. I have no proof and i don't really need any to understand what had just happened there. The astonishing number of ''coincidences'' i had like that kind of made me understand things do not go as we are told. Later learned that casinos can give more, but couldnt give less as no one would see a problem to receiving more. Well i see a problem... A real serious problem but that's just me. Also a group i played would send me a special offer with a code everytime i was complaining of ahving a mega losing streak. Magic the codes would give me a run that was jackpot after jackpot. I even had a vip manager lose her temper with me and let go she had given me a vip reward set to win because she had pity for me and i wasn't supposed to win. So i let you guess, programmed win... i wasn't supposed to win? How was i not supposed to win? Hehe think about it.
  2. It's on purpose to make it harder to reach for the grinders. But you know they could be higher it's all that bad.
  3. Slots rng in landbase and online are programmed to recognize certain patterns used by beginners and are set to trigger wins accordingly. In therapy centers they laugh saying stuff like that the beginner's luck is somehow ''real'' as they know it's all programmed. Don't forget your a playing electronic games and that randomness do not really exist. It's just a concept to explain things that the human brain cannot calculate instantly. To us it appears random but it is not. All games are managed by algorythms and coding set for different things. The beginner's luck is real because it is programmed for it. Like on landbase a beginner will put a 5$.. take a minute or two to go around, select bet change a little etc. While a experience player ship the 20$ click the game and smash max bet. It's all not so magical. You could google you know it's all there while you are wondering in the dark hehe.
  4. fredo386

    Personal System

    It's not a system but more a way to distract myself when im short i play scarabs and i mix some dice 4x in between that are 10-15x my scarabs bet so if i one shot 1-2 dice then return to scarabs and it hits boom a balance. Often when my dice bet misses, scarabs kind of get a kick back.
  5. Any streamers showed their wallet and some kind of proof of ownership? Because all i saw was block chain address which proves nothing as it could belong to stake. They could easily let streamers request deposit they manually process and they can only withdraw to that address. Then it would be real money and look legit while in fact streamers get a % and stake keep the rest. If that's the case then they would be using the streamers and make them do the biggest stakes to be able to steal player's money by hitting a big chunk of the casino's rtp allowing them to keep cheating players. The main algorythm of casinos prevent casinos from cheating by maintaining their RTP to a certain level meaning if they cheat players, they will hit again more or others will. It prevents us from winning and prevent casinos from cheating. If that's the case and my whole idea is true it would mean that they can cheat us and then have the streamers hit big and make their total RTP be balanced. That would explain everything but who can tell as casinos lie about literally everything. All i know is they lured me back to prove me my experience is not genuine and proceeded with cheating me more than ever and make wonder if they can do that while trying to conquer the market, what would they do if they succeeded? I don't really care at that point as the industry has proved me to be beyond repairs. They all think they can do whatever they want and then others see everyone doing same shit without consequences so they push even more. To me it's all dead and i was done but they lured me for a last ride to prove me who is the boss. It shows they will not change unless they are being forced and even then they probably find new ways. It's just an idea that crossed my mind and not an absolute truth but that is worth time to think about it. I'm done with gambling in general. I saw all i needed to see. I am addicted to the rush but that rush doesn't exist anymore and the few hits i get only serves to give me false hope to then punch my face again. They killed the fun, made sure i never want to go back. They succeeded in ruining the whole industry. Everyone fell for this shit. Now have to accept the truth: gambling is dead.
  6. Some people answers makes me wonder how they would go to protect their site. Affiliates reason is obvious but the others. In front 1 in trillions odds still have the ball to go bullshit their way to convince people of the opposite. Do you even know the risks of lying and misleading people purposely? Ever talked to a lawyer what can happen if it leads to someone's death? I bet no or you would take it easy on such topics. You can't just say whatever you wish.
  7. Random... If you want to see for yourself. 1- Try dice after a jackpot on slots and keep track of your stats. 2- Try same dice same bets after losing on a slot like bod 100x in under 200 spins. Then tell me again what you think . The difference of rtp is simple to double to triple. When i hit big i go for fun and lose all my bets or almost. When im on a sloot that tanks at speed of light without return, same dice bets are like magic. It's not random as you think. The number is not real. It's a rng that calculate your RTP vs your bet potential and then says yes/no. Then stake put a number whatever it is and use that to make us go crazy. For example, 4x dice that i do all the time, wwhen it rips rips rips then last bet allin 74.75-75.19 land all the time to make me think "almost" and go nuts. Same way if you bet for 100x for a while then lower to 20x (for example) the odds that when you'll hit you 20x they show you 99+ are ... BIG. Live roulettes use the same thing. If you play on a auio-roulette the players, if there are other players, are bots. You are alone to bet and the rng calculate your bet and decides yes/no and then the provider decides which number will land. That way if you bet say 5 for a while and then change to another. If your bet is a loss it will land it on 5 to make you go crazy and lose your mind. If you are supposed to win, no matter what number you'll hit it and then you'll feel like pro for catching it. It's how casinos manipulate us. Toy with our emotions, reinforce certain behaviors or punish others. They want us, usually, to be predictable for the multiplayer tables. So when we flip flop numbers they land ours all the time to make us stick to oour numbers and become extremely predictable. Since the rng work with RTP, it means that usually when yoou hit big on slots you get destroyed on roulette and vice-versa. I did record for fun multiple sessions after winning 10k+ i'd go bet 2-3-5-6 and after 5-6 losses id remove one of the number. Everytime.. it was landing it. Id shove 2 100$ .. it would miss.. id then shove 100$ on 24.. lands the 2. It's all false. The numbers dont matter when you are solo. If people take the time to check that.. before saying ignorant stuff. You'll see.
  8. Guest Gambler don't be fooled. Stake hit us easy after huge rips, they let us grind back up like it's magical then nuke us back for all ++. Our brains remember that's why we leave so mad but few later we're back. Because after when we think about solutions our sub-conscious show us memories of the past, how easy and great it was from scratch and we go back. But they always give it in a way that we get so confident, it's so easy that when the shit hit the fan its too late we already lost back too much. It will be like lose 1k... win back 800$ go for 1-1.2k for even or a little profit and nope! Boom rip rip rip rip wow how is it possible rip rip rip wow i had 800$ back im at 400$ i cant leave now im still -600$ fuck.. shove.. rip. And the tight players.. they never hit big on stake lol So either you wont hit big to recover some or if they do, they will do in a fashion that they know will result in you busting again. Not to mention even if you had your recovery or left at 800$. Your brain would then remember that you been able to recover which will make you return... To get ripped the way it would have happened the previous time. I never escaped it.. no matter if i left and came back days later... the play just resume like if i had never left. And nothing hit for as long as all the money isnt in. I did multiple time 5000+ spins without 10x hit trying to low roll through the nuke.. was incredibly fun.
  9. Each player has its own RTP +/- etc. A player hitting 100k doesn't make you lose more even though with what i saw so far with stake... But overall in the industry each provider and casinos have a profile of you and link you to your past results. Everything is linked and tracked. So a person that hit 100k will have lost it before/after or both but you wont pay for it as that player is hitting his RTP pool. That's how games like roulette will land your fav numbers when you sit. I been high rollin max bet roulette and when i would be "nuked" it would always show me the last numbers being a streak of my numbers or land my 2-5 (2 fav numbers id shove) land in my face. When i was up tens of thousands it was so stupid i'd be on twitch and tell my friend i bet him 10$ if i go a casino without account and open a roulette it will land 2 in my face .. 1 minute later i had a screen shot. Lol. The fact they keep record of all stats is a thing but they are not supposed to know our balance and bet sizes.... but they 100% do as they use it to give or rip. When up tons i could sit roulette and bet my row (3x) 20+ and lose every bet so forget even hitting a single number. BUT if i was down tens of thousands... then one deposit of the max bet put on my 2 and... boom! Like magic. Casinos would go crazy saying its impossible but the previous 100 bets rip on 3x were just fine lol. That knowledge helped me alot recover left and right from scratch which was making them go crazy as they expect players to depo big and shove big thinking they need one big hit while since the providers track our result and follow rtp... the more you bet the more it rips. You have to go the other way around go smaller then it hits. Don't matter if its small it will keep running hot/good for as long as you didnt win back your RTP. On top the bigger the hit to recover the bigger the following rip streaks. Casinos want us to not be able to strike luck with a small amount one shot. Unless you rip 10k in 5 mins to try hit 3.6k 100$ bet one time... (very tempting right) these 1 shot max bet number will never land. They rip us when we bet too much and hit us when we bet small and keep us wagering up and down and up and down controllign our results and make sure nothing unusual happens. Last fall i pushed my shit to 150-200k profits over 3 months and trust me i get scammed.. cheated.. stolen balances while playing ... banned from groups and independant casinos even ifi had not hit them big cauz they had been warned of me and had decided i was surely a team of hacker cauz "its impossible". Then an entire top group and 2 dozen independant big casinos say you that the same week while all accounts are frozen for "investigation" it says everything one need to know. We are not supposed to win and if we do it's impossible and we're hackers and cheaters. p.s.: when i say "win" i talk about tangible profits over a longer period of time. You can always hit but it will be from your past losses or they'll cheat it out of you after. You know all the people that complain they rip like mad after huge wins... What are the odds people get not only a super rare big win but also just as rare rip streak just after? It's in the millions+ and more than once? Then add the factor it happens to all.. there is no maths to explain it.
  10. To be provably fair stake would have to send their seed/hash whatever name that is to a third party that would keep it secret and prevent stake from changing it after the bet. It allows them to alter the results of games and then put a seed that shows the result is fine. So without a safe third party to keep the secret and prevent alteration, it's not provably fair. If you want to argue that then you just have no idea what you are talking about like most of the time.
  11. 2-3 years ago i was playing on evolution black jack on a top 10 licensed casino, at the time considered one of the best. After losing many hands i shoved a huge bet and i was dealt 5-2 and then i got kicked out of the game then casino. Only to return to a loss. They said i had lost internet connection and they had verified with my ISP to confirm this after an investigation i requested. The thing i had not mentionned yet was that they had also taken the bet TWICE. So when i saw they were outright lying i dropped the reveal. If i was disconnected... How i was able to bet a few seconds later the same amount? They had fucked themselves up as then it meant i couldnt have been disconnected if they were right. So in the end i won my case, proved them cheat and had my first proof that casinos cheat and evolution is the biggest cheat of all. They are paid a nice fortune by casinos to cheat for them. People keep saying evolution doesn't take bets but they are paid by casinos to do the job or they will not appear on their game list. I then investigated and kept track in forums and on other places to see the complaints and such to realize it's common, in fact so common it's basically on purpose. They cheat a bet every now and then to increase benefits but not too much to make it obvious but just enough to be worth it. Then with other casinos i had my bets rejected... and all sort of stupid things. Chase a casino to make them pay my bet and have them say i have not won bla blak. To realize (roulette) that everytime i rip and stop betting.. one of my number land ... to shit my face and make me think i wouldve hit. Then noticed it was all the time as i started skipping bets or removing bet on a number here and there just to see... it land haha. So yeah casinos wouldnt want to pay me bets when bet is rejected because they knew i wouldnt have won. So yeah, they disconnect or cheat all they can. I'll ask you the question i asked myself the very first time i started playing live tables. "Why is my screen so laggy, why all is blurry, why does it feel like they running on modem 56k?". Like ezugi roulette is insane. Then through research i realized they just lag and crash to skip screen, change the footage show the ball land where they want etc. Ezugi was fake multiplayer with bots so without knowing i was alone betting so it was easy to get what is going on. So yeah i did high roll.. they let you hit if they want to. If they don't you either get fucked or if somehow you get away with it... gl trying to withdraw. Stake is instant but i wouldn't be surprised if i ever won huge and it would.. just not work lol.
  12. ha man i played 96% rtp pngo's for years. Then 94%. Nothing 94%+ rips like the pngo's on stake. Pngo have a bottom math model of 84% and if you asked me how it looks like... well stake pngos are the closer i ever seen to it.
  13. Nah the total outcome is a fixed amount of money. The provider simply display the win either with a big spin or two or they go super retrigger and lots of dead spins. In the end its the same. Like my fav game will go 205-220 spins and pay 500-800x while the 2000x's are usually in one spin. The spins are not "normal" in a feature, the value can be whatever they want. It can give 30 spins or decide to give 60 spins but each spin has half the value etc. Like some games have bonuses without multi and play same as the base game but the spins will usually have a much bigger value that normal play. In the end it's all the same except the 200+ spins features are a lot more fun hahaha.
  14. Well i usually don't care saying what i think in chat as when they ban me i reduce my play a lot and it saves me money haha. But let's just say that they never warned me on any ban i had and last time i was banned for 1 month because people in chat were talking about me and a topic we can't talk about. They were asking me questions over questions i was woondering why they so intense all of a sudden. Who are they asking me when i go live... i never saw them in my life. Then i said somethign about ya soon i go live or something to make them stop talking about me like that as i felt weird seeing people i never seen talk about me like that. Boom 1 month ban for promoting my stream and since i was "warned" it was 1 month. I felt weird seeing them talk like that but when i saw the 1 month ban and stake management refusing to do anything saying i broke the rules that's it i realized that in fact it's what they wanted. Only needed a reason that's all. But well If you saw my depo sizes and bet sizes since you'd understand that cost them quite a lot lol. Fun fact is when i get banned it's almost always (i say almost not to say always because i might forget 1) it's when im barely depositing. When im depositing and ripping a lot and get deep red... i could talk about whatever they say nothing. But they remember obviously. Always a sniper mod in there lol. But heh the next prob is perma.. along with the absence of deposits that will follow. Wont bother much with rewards they all straight 0.
  15. I get 20+ 4x rip streaks all day long. My longest was 40+ when i was raising. Now i dont raise so they last 20-30 but they keep ahppened non-stop. It just let me win a certain amount, if i bet high i win for less spins then when i hit ceiling, no matter what i do it will always rip 0. I think i should try now lowering bet every rip streak i am sure i can get 100+ 4x fail. They just give a certain amouunt then take back. RTP on casinos online is about $ and not the "x" your bet size. So if you strike 4x and then cut bet in half the site will just make you lose 8 times avg. If i double bet 4x dice on each win then i get sometimes a lot more balance but then that's when i get them 40+ rip streaks.. while if i dont raise it go 20+. So yeah...
  16. Forget the RTP displayed as i'm surprised no one already noticed that with the rakeback/weekly/monthly and such if stake originals rtp was really that high we could just sit play all year long breaking even on dice or profiting on BJ while in reality we get hammered everytime. I can understand people that never played other places or licensed casinos to not know but nothing with the RTP they advertise rip so much... By a long shot. I had my best month here and my rtp 99%. I wager most on dice as slots rip too much anyway. So my best month i have the advertised rtp.. overall dice rtp is 96% + rewards . From my calculations and play, the RTP displayed always is (game rtp) + (rewards) + (rewards from recycled money)= RTP.
  17. i keep triggering (now on purpose) mathematical impossible rip streak and always after i have been hitting. It's just controlled and rinse us on purpose. Then run hot again but it's just with the money that was previously cheated as the rip streak and bullshit hit right when you won back all or before. Then you redepo and hit again ... they keep you in a loop wagering and wagering always chasing the same money you lost at the beginning.
  18. Their entire operation is scam so don't expect more communication.
  19. Well i keep triggering eternail rip streaks on dice even if now i dont raise anymore it still go 20+ fails on 4x on and on and on all day. I keep calling it on chat, people call it on forums and still 0 reaction which tells me they somehow feel so confident they can do that openly forever without consequences. And i can understand that kind of ridicule idea as the entire industry been operating like that for years (at least since i play). It's just that the new cryptocasinos took the idea and pushed to the extreme to rinse the whole community which they did. Twitch is dead, from hundred + friends that i would talk to regularly for years are gone. All real money streamers are rip and gone. Don't be fooled, there is not a single real streamer that stream every week with a regular schedule (without weeks and months break cauz rip) are all fake. They are either using fake money or are financed in a way or another by the casinos. There are some that do play "real money" but the money belongs to the casino so fuck that it's play money lol. But when i see how much i rip in a year with my small bets, seeing these guys doing 10-100$+ bet is just beyond ridicule. It's not even funny anymore to laugh at such joke, it became depressing. I played for years just for fun, but the fun is gone. Well in fact the fun "was" gone as it's next stage now and it's just painful. Even on micro bet see the casino rinse all bets in a world record fashion every session gets me so mad. It just says a lot about the state of the world. I guess we get (humans) what we deserve.
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