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  1. Fair enough but as you can see i am an active stake user and also a verified stake user. Can you please remove me from suspension list. Real name : Nikhil Kenia Stake name: Mitrooo Team name: Experiment Thanks😊
  2. Any reason for these suspensions? Why is Nikhil Kenia under suspension list?
  3. Nikhil Kenia is in the suspension list? Mitrooo is my stake username
  4. @DusanMitrooo username was blocked from the private league? Any particular reason for that?
  5. @Dusan When will GW 18 Prizes come out?
  6. Crypto deposit challenge! Every 10th user to deposit any accepted crypto currency to the platform earns double or triple of his deposit amount. Multiplier can be flexible, you can offer more if you like.
  7. Stake username: Mitrooo FPL Team name: Experiment
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