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  1. Chips are good, but nuggets always. That's my opinion.
  2. I think that wont work forever. Eddie is a winner always :).
  3. Nothing big because just started here like now 40$.
  4. Nothing really, because when i do i gamble with money i can afford.
  5. Started few days ago but made account few months ago. I got told its best site for rakeback and stuff like that so i switched. xd
  6. In my opinion deposit is better, because its higher chance of winning. Rains aren't that often and low amount of money. So its harder.
  7. hello, I am new too
  8. Taking loan to gamble can be bad, because u can lose that money in few minutes. And if you loan someone random u don't know in real life he can run with that money and you won't get anything back.
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