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  1. Para mim, o suporte da Stake é rápido, eles sabem como ajudar, é fácil de usar e seguro. Continue assim com gentileza e simpatia na hora do serviço, isso traz mais segurança e confiança aos jogadores. Vou deixar uma sugestão para a equipe de suporte. O suporte poderia recompensar aleatoriamente alguns jogadores com gorjetas todos os dias ou cupons via e-mail. Poderia funcionar assim: Todos os dias o suporte enviaria uma gorjeta ou um e-mail de bônus para alguns jogadores sortudos, tenho certeza que seria algo único nos sites de cassino. Obrigado pela atenção.😉
  2. Hello to everyone who is part of the stake family. Casino Stake is close to reaching the 35 billion bets placed on the platform, if it weren't for all of us, we wouldn't be able to reach this new milestone. So, leave your comment here thanking Casino Stake, place here also the total of your bets placed on the Stake platform. Access the statistics, calculate all your bets and post here. Enter your username and total bets and we'll know who has the most bets placed. I wish you luck in everyone's games.😉
  3. Stake username: Lucas1111 Stake. Congratulations on reaching 35 billion bets. May we grow together with each bet. We are all very happy, as these 35 billion bets also contain unity, loyalty, the time of each dedicated player, their dreams and more, as each bet contains many feelings, emotions and goals that each particular player knows. Stake is one of the best betting casinos, anyone who knows Stake will never forget it, the place to play is here. There are many promotions, daily recharges, weekly and monthly bonuses and much more, keep it up and we will grow together every day.😉
  4. Wolves 2-0 West Brom Leeds 2-1 Brighton West Ham 1-0 Burnley Fulham 0-1 Chelsea Leicester 2-1 Southampton Sheffield 0-2 Tottenham Liverpool 2-1 Manchester United Manchester City 2-0 Crystal Palace Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle West Ham 1-0 West Brom Leicester 1-0 Chelsea Manchester City 2-1 Aston Villa Fulham 0-2 Manchester United Liverpool 2-0 Burnley Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle Tiebreaker: 16 min Stake username: Lucas1111
  5. Hello to everyone who is part of the stake family. I would like to know what was your biggest victory and what was your biggest defeat in cryptocurrencies, if you remember which game it was, write here so that we can know who was the biggest lucky or unlucky. Good luck to everyone.😉 https://stake.com/?c=904401d374
  6. Na sua opinião, qual é a sua satisfação com o Casino Stake? E por que você acha que se tornou um dos maiores cassinos de apostas para você? O que você gostaria que o Casino Stake tivesse? Suas opiniões são muito bem vindas. Obrigado.
  7. What do you think, if Stake had a $ 222 daily lottery to be divided among the 10 lucky players? The daily lottery could work like this: for each 1 cent bet you would win 1 point, and these points you could buy or convert into lottery tickets, so you would be participating in the lottery to be able to win the prize, if there is no winner, the prize, would double in the next draw. There could also be a weekly contest of the 100 players who managed to place 200,000 bets in the week, and each would win a prize in cryptocurrencies. What do you think? I will be happy to know your opinions. I t
  8. Sheffield United 0-1 Newcastle Burnley 0-1 Manchester United Wolves 0-1 Everton Manchester City 2-0 Brighton Tottenham 2-1 Fulham Arsenal 2-0 Palácio de Cristal Tiebreaker: 23 min Stake username: Lucas1111
  9. Everton 1:0 West Ham Manchester United 2:1 Aston Villa Tottenham 3:2 Leeds Crystal Palace 2:1 Sheffield United Brighton 0:0 Wolves West Brom 1:1 Arsenal Burnley 0:0 Fulham Newcastle 2:1 Leicester Chelsea 1:0 Manchester City Southampton 0:1 Liverpool Tiebreaker: No goals Stake username: Lucas1111
  10. Crystal Palace 0-2 Leicester Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa Everton 0-2 Manchester City Brighton 1- 2 Arsenal Burnley 0-0 Sheffield United Southampton 1-1 West Ham West Brom 2-1 Leeds Manchester United 2-0 Wolves Tottenham 2-0 Fulham Newcastle 1- 3 Liverpool Tiebreaker: 16 minutes of the first half. Stake username: Lucas1111
  11. Leicester 2-1 Manchester United Aston Villa 1-1 Crystal Palace Fulham 1-2 Southampton Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Manchester City 2-0 Newcastle Sheffield United 1-2 Everton Leeds 2-1 Burnley West Ham 2-1 Brighton Liverpool 3-2 West Brom Wolves 1-2 Tottenham Tiebreaker 16 minutes into the first half. Stake username: Lucas1111
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