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  1. Hello! Would you like to receive and have a Stake Casino trophy in your home? For example: You who reached the Diamond level will receive a trophy. Player one who has a big win of $1 million or more will also receive a trophy. Every special and amazing achievement that the player makes will receive a trophy. The casino can manufacture this trophy this way. High rollers trophy. Trophy for great victories. Trophy for special players who participate in events and more. And have you ever thought about receiving and having a casino stake trophy in your house? For every trophy you earn and receive, you also receive a special bonus in the currency of your choice. That would be amazing and unique. Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  2. Main card: Uriah Hall vs Sean Strickland - Sean Strickland by Submission Kang Kyung-ho vs Rani Yahya - Kang Kyung-ho by KO/TKO Cheyanne Buys vs Gloriade Paula - Cheyanne Buys by Submission Niklas Stolze vs Jared Gooden - Niklas Stolze by Submission Ryan Benoit vs Zarrukh Adashev - Ryan Benoit by KO/TKO Bryan Barberena vs Jason Witt - Bryan Barberena by Decision Preliminary card: Nicco MontaΓ±o vs Yanan Wu - Nicco MontaΓ±o by KO/TKO Collin Anglin vs Melsik Baghdasaryan - Melsik Baghdasaryan by Submission Chris Gruetzemacher vs Rafa Garcia - Rafa Garcia by KO/TKO Danny Chavez vs Kai Kamaka - Danny Chavez by Submission Jinh Yu Frey vs Ashley Yoder - Ashley Yoder by Submission Ronnie Lawrence vs Trevin Jones - Ronnie Lawrence by Decision Philip Rowe vs Orion Cosce - Orion Cosce by Submission Tiebreaker: R2- 2:22 Stake username: Lucas1111
  3. Main card: Cory Sandhagen vs T.J.Dillashaw - Cory Sandhagen by Submission Aspen Ladd vs Macy Chiasson - Aspen Ladd by KO Kyler Phillips vs Raulian Paiva - Kyler Phillips by KO Darren Elkins vs Darrick Minner - Darrick Minner by Submission Miranda Maverick vs Maycee Barber - Miranda Maverick by KO Adrian Yanez vs Randy Costa - Adrian Yanez by Submission Preliminary card: Punahele Soriano vs Brendan Allen - Brendan Allen by KO Nassourdine Imavov vs Ian Heinisch - Ian Heinisch by Submission Mickey Gall vs Jordan Williams - Jordan Williams by KO Julio Arce vs Andre Ewell - Julio Arce by Submission Sijara Eubanks vs Elise Reed - Sijara Eubanks by KO Diana Belbita vs Hannah Goldy - Diana Belbita by Submission Tiebreaker: R2- 2:10 Stake username: Lucas1111
  4. Hello! Do you have a car or motorcycle? What is your brand or model? For example: a limo, a hilux, a lamborghini or do you have a Tesla? Honda, BMW, Suzuki, Ducati and more. If you don't have a car or motorcycle, which car or motorcycle would you like to buy? If you have a limousine, a lamborghini and a Tesla, it is highly recommended that you send me a 1 Bitcoin tip, otherwise you will be banned from the game. LOL. I'm just kidding. Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  5. 1.Bet ID Casino:50423663263 Dice number rolled: 2.50 2.Bet ID Casino:50426293990 Dice number rolled: 65.00 3.Bet ID Casino:50508652597 Dice number rolled: 20.00 4.Bet ID Casino:50605930595 Dice number rolled: 2.22 5.Bet ID Casino:50630410090 Dice number rolled: 100.00 6.Bet ID Casino:50944281297 Dice number rolled: 91.00 7.Bet ID Casino:51056618675 Dice number rolled: 50.00 8.Bet ID Casino:51060110927 Dice number rolled: 9.99 9.Bet ID Casino:51076882665 Dice number rolled: 95.95 10.Bet ID Casino:51079786095 Dice number rolled: 10.00
  6. Hello! If the stake built a land-based casino, with gaming machines, roulette, restaurant, and an amusement park with pools, ice cream and more, would you play more in the online casino or the land-based casino? Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  7. Hello! Have you ever played in a physical casino? How does it feel to touch the machines in the casino, and feel the sounds of the machines? Write here your experience of visiting and playing in a physically real casino. What is the difference between a physical casino and an online virtual casino? Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  8. Main card: Islam Makhachev vs Thiago MoisΓ©s- Islam Makhachev by KO Marion Reneau vs Miesha Tate- Miesha Tate by KO Jeremy Stephens vs Mateusz Gamrot- Mateusz Gamrot by KO Rodolfo Vieira vs Dustin Stoltzfus- Rodolfo Vieira by Submission Gabriel BenΓ­tez vs Billy Quarantillo- Billy Quarantillo by KO Preliminary card: Daniel Rodriguez vs Preston Parsons- Daniel Rodriguez by KO Amanda Lemos vs Montserrat Ruiz- Amanda Lemos by Submission Khalid Taha vs Sergey Morozov- Khalid Taha by KO Miles johns vs Anderson Dos Santos- Anderson Dos Santos by Submission Francisco Figueiredo vs Malcolm Gordon- Francisco Figueiredo by Submission Alan Baudot vs Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira- Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira by KO Tiebreaker: R2- 2:12 Stake username: Lucas1111
  9. Hello! Could there be a $1 million VIP challenge on the forum? For example: the challenge would last for a month. Challenge Rules: Players would have to win at least $1 in the maximum number of games they could and post the ID of the winning bets, to be eligible the player would have to bet at least 20 different games, for example: A winning bet of $1 in sports, one in dice, one in slot games, one in live games, and so on. Players eligible to participate in this challenge would receive an email with a participation code, when the player posted their bet ID on the forum, they would have to enter the invitation code they received in the email to be eligible for this unique challenge. The $1 million prize would be split among the 5,000 challenge winners. Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  10. Hello! How old are you? What month were you born? What would you like to get for your birthday? Can the stake casino give you a bonus on your birthday? It would be awesome if all players get a birthday present. The gift could be a $5 recharge for a week. A bonus can be sent to the player via email. Stake would send you a physical gift. Do you have many options you would like to receive? Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  11. There may be a weekly draw to fully refund some players who have so far not made any profits in the casino. For example: 3 players would be randomly chosen to receive a full refund of all their lost cryptocurrencies, the refund amount would be calculated on the amount of deposits made by the player, there would be 5 different refunds available, the first refund would be %1, the second would be 10%, the third would be 25%, the fourth would be 50%, the fifth would be 100%, A Stake would choose how many percent would be refunded to randomly chosen players. Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
  12. Hello! Do you prefer to bet on single bets or multiple bets on sports bets? In your opinion, which of these bets is easier to win and more profitable? Good luck and good profits!πŸ˜‰
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