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  1. tons of value to be found in the tennis markets
  2. mjayt


    yup, i know it takes up resources and the profits dont compare to other gambling, but thats why a suggestion could be to maybe have a promotion and have 1 tournament a week or 1 a night thats simply a cheap freeroll or very low buy in where no one is really risking much and stake can gauge what kind of numbers they attract and how popular it is without setting up an entire poker room running 24/7 around the clock in need of monitoring the way stake beats everyone else in quality of games and the platform as a whole, I imagine they could do the same with poker
  3. mjayt


    i agree, theres no site better than stake, hands down, its honestly crazy how well everything works
  4. its an excellent coping mechanism when the pac 12 refs totally screw you out of a parlay late on a saturday night
  5. its not necessarily better one way or another, just have to find value if you can get 10/1 odds on a parlay that you think will win 15% of the time, then bet it, same goes for straight wagers, but if youre always taking the bad side and laying too much, itll eventually wear down your bankroll
  6. havent wagered enough to have a real legitimate chance at the lambo giveaway, but ill take a miracle on one of my 26 tickets
  7. autobet tends to get the torture over with faster and gives me less time to realize the mistakes im making
  8. mjayt


    ya jackson, i figured it had been asked, just hadnt searched thru the forum that much
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