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  1. I do Mines with 2 mines and 3 diamonds on autoplay. Have always made profit doing 1000 autoplays and wagered good too.
  2. As I have played a lot of slots, i can say that Tome of Madness pays me the most. It doesnt hit like huge mostly around 50x to 150x but it is quite constant and pays good. I think the games which pay the most for everyone is the ones which we play the most in general.
  3. I really liked ed edd n eddy. Tom n jerry. Cow and chicken. Oldschool Ben10. Pokemon was one of my favorites. Also liked Yugioh. And of course many others but these were my favorites. Oh and Spongebob 😅
  4. Yeah, I got banned on Coinbase. It was a nice run tho. 😅 Now Im using Binance but it has much longer confirmation process.
  5. Hello, could you please recommend some good exchange sites to deposit in Stake and withdraw from it? I use Binance but it takes 20 minutes up to 1 hour to depo on Stake.
  6. zumyum


    I had the same thing. I asked support to check it out. After like two weeks finnaly they paid the 30$. For faster checking you need to send with what crypto you played when you got it and initial bet would help speed it up majorly.
  7. I do 10 numbers on low in Keno. For christmas feelings right now i do christmas tree shape. For example with 100$ you can easily do 2$ bets. Put on auto bets and stop on lose like 15$ if in the worst case it starts going down, but mostly it keeps it in profit.
  8. zumyum

    Keno patterns

    What Keno patterns have paid you the most?
  9. zumyum


    I play keno on low. I make 2 penises with 10 numbers. Sometimes end up with a good wager and nice profit too.
  10. Try to make two penises with 10 numbers on low. That gets the wager up and can bring in some $ too.
  11. Thanks for the answers. 😉 Yeah Dog House really is good but sometimes it turns so shit....
  12. This is really interesting. For me it hasnt been lucky.
  13. I have been wondering which slots are the best paying ones. I have few of my own but I would like to see if results are close for all or everyone has their own lucky one. Leave a comment with 3 of the best ones you have. Mine are Extra Juicy, Tome Of Madness, Wild West Gold.
  14. On Buffalo king its 93,750x i think. But Leprechaun gold its 100kx. Something like that But most paying ones are like Extra Juicy, Dog House, Sweet bonanza, Sword and The Grail, a lot of play n go games are good. On these ones its easy to get free spins. I also like Tomb Of Madness.
  15. Keep your bets mostly single. Don't make crazy bets with 10 games on a slip. It's really hard to get that. I like betting on football. I watch how the team is doing, what is the atmosphere in the team and so on. Good luck on your bets. 😉
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