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  1. In my country, marijuana is only legal in some states ( unfortunately I don't live in those states) ☹️ But I was able to find a great alternative-cheap kratom https://kratomgallery.com. In the homeland of kratom, in East Asia, workers and peasants have been chewing kratom leaves for hundreds, maybe thousands of years while performing heavy and monotonous work. In the modern world, kratom is used before heavy sports training. At first I thought it was nonsense, but as it turned out, kratom really helps during working out.
  2. I would very much like to repeat this tournament this year. I believe that you can always learn something new in poker. The idea of having the same contribution sounds very good. I've been playing here https://qqpkv.onl/ all year and now I want to test my skills in a tournament like this. I like to play against stronger players because it is always interesting for me to watch the thoughts of poker professionals. Their bluff often strikes me.
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