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  2. Nice monopoly Hit! The greatest Monopoly memory I have was I was down to about 30 bucks left and was doing 3 dollars a spin. My last 3 bucks I bet on 4x and was ready to close the browser as it spun; when it hit on two chances in a row followed by 4x rolls which... ended up being 9 or 10 rolls due to doubles. Ended up with a 1200x multiplier on the 3 dollar bet. You just showed something that I never /attempt/ to do with such a low balance. I always have that belief despite seeing people like you shoot up with a small initial amount... I always feel like I need to have a "Playing Balance" of at least 300-500 per session if I am going to win, it may just be my style or... I am not engaging in the small bets on the right games in the right way... Would like to hear your take on how you played those initial hits off.
  3. Oh, I understand my man - Part of the being a streamer portion is you really want to keep people engaged for as long as possible and that often ends up with playing too long as revenue is coming in due to advertisement density and subscriptions, tips et cetera; I most likely play too long and make mistakes while Multi-tasking or due to trying to fill content creation blocks. While your statement is 100% true one thing cannot be denied - a vod or clip made of you hitting 6K bonus and then bringing it up to 19K is an awesome video moment that cannot be erased from the memory of the viewer - it looks impressive. The downside is the rest of the VOD when I tanked the entire balance (This was on my brithday stream; stream goal was 1K for each year; trying to get to 32K - ended up reaching about 23K before it just went full on down the sink mode for the last 2-3 hours -laughing- THOSE HOURS DON'T COUNT! Endless love and stay safe woody! I'm taking my BOOST in Doge today, when is the gold bonus?
  4. I was a streamer for another Casino and had a really great viewer-base and subscriber base at that location although I felt like I had hit a ceiling of progression as a player; maxed out "VIP" type of status and nothing was coming to me the way a regular casino would offer me "500 Free Slot play and 2,000 in chips" or "I can get great seats for any concert or sporting event due to my Diamond Card VIP status" - It just hit a ceiling and... it was evident that I was not as valued as I was meant to feel when that casino had been swinging by my stream dropping gift subs and whatnot; it made me feel like I was being appreciated but in the end I was just a number. I can't say that really has /changed/ in regards to being just a number while over here.. although.. It was initially that audience members began to move to stake and kept suggesting that I also make that transition, I did not believe I had a reason to after grinding on that other Casino for maximum bonuses et cetera; the break down of the VIP program reloads, weeklies, monthlies, races and all of that good stuff was 50% of the reason I decided to come over here, the other 50% is broken down into 30% (WOAH SPORTS BETTING!) Love that I could play slots / house games while also watching my bet slips all under one house. I think Stake is at it's best with it's Original Games and Sports betting. FInally the remaining 20% is something the other Casino DID NOT HAVE. "Community". We have a sense of community due to the Forums and Eddie's weekly streams - along with a far superior chat system that seems less spammy when you are involved in the site and know the names although can easily be sensory overload still for newcomers. One thing I did lose was the same size of my viewer base community; I was given hosts from the prior Casino and sort of encouraged to put 6-12 hour sessions in daily while not receiving funds /to/ stream I was given incentive by boosting my stream revenue with the aid of the other Casino, this was not a huge loss as most of the community I had moved over to Stake and it always felt amazing to see the same faces I share time with inside the casino and on the forums hanging out, To be honest the keeping 100% honest reasoning as to why I killed an exclusivity deal to now label myself a "Stake Exclusive" content creator without any actual agreement from Stake the way I had prior; was the oppertunity to try to make that happen with my viewer numbers, engagements and all of that good stuff. My initial pitch was "If you come over here you have a really good chance of talking to the owners and getting a proper contract as a streamer to play on Stake". That didn't happen and while it was the driving force to give the middle finger to the PRIOR casino - I don't regret the change at all and would do it in every instance of me in the many worlds theory. With that said... I'm still open to that contract -laughing-
  5. The depressing part was... I chose to get my Plat 3 Bonus in DOGE two weeks ago, was 1300 USD at the time... I looked last night and it was around 7 or 8K - one of those "Why didn't I leave it in the vault" moments. Then I'm perhaps slightly bitter because I felt that this was coming for a few weeks now when Coinbase went public; while DOGE is not a focused coin from CBase it's just the overall lift of Crypto, and I Figured Elon Musk and the "Reddit GameStop" community would also be all over it ensuring it rose, attempt to keep it up et cetera. So naturally yesterday I have about 500 USD of DOGE to play with, hit for 777 USD (LUCKY NUMBER!) on a 286x keno hit; then another 350, 500 scarab spin hit, about 270 on Blue Samurai and when my balance was around 2100.00 USD or so I was telling my self to take the DOGE out and either A) Hold for the gains occurring or B) Convert to a USDC/Tether or into BTC/ETH/LTC incase the run was short lived. But... Something I often accidently do on stake when playing in the Coin view rather than USD view is changing amounts during Plinko auto-bets; I often get my best hits when I am quickly going down and up a few dollars for a few balls then back to a "Safer" when a hit is still is groovy as either profit or maintained. The problem I have is while rushing with so many digits I've (7 or 8 times) have busted or taken a huge lose due to an accidental decimal in a quick switch situation. So yesterday I dumped about 400 USD on a spin intending closer to 35; and that sent me into tilt and spiral mode. Now... In regard to DOGE itself - I really believe while it's going down now that it will raise a bit more and stabilize. I just currently am beating myself up as I really F'd up initially not holding as I intended to and chasing losses in a currency that was going up in huge chunks every 20-30 minutes I'd check and my 777 hit for example was over 920 about 20 minutes after. Everyone here with any sense would have pulled back and WD. I did not. This ended up being a post about why I'm sort of Jelly about those that did not fudge up the way I had, as my intention was to ride out this raise that I believed was going to come. It came and it is indeed here - I just am now not able to enjoy it. To those at the moment who bought in prior; I believe it's at the point that I'd stay in and see what happens within about a 7 cent up or down swing before making any moves; and would encourage people to BUY Doge at the moment despite EXTREME VOLATILITY - Your gambling on Stake anyway; take the gamble as long as you know that this one can make you richer or kicking yourself in your own groin like me. With that said Stay Green, Know when to W/D - Always keep Alerts on prices so you don't miss a window of opportunity and while many people see me hitting and enjoy discussing play styles and currencies in chat... Do NOT play LIKE ME. You will end up depressed, play smart and enjoy this weeks boost guys and gals! With love, Wind Doge En Route to Mars? Perhaps.
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