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  1. Nice monopoly Hit! The greatest Monopoly memory I have was I was down to about 30 bucks left and was doing 3 dollars a spin. My last 3 bucks I bet on 4x and was ready to close the browser as it spun; when it hit on two chances in a row followed by 4x rolls which... ended up being 9 or 10 rolls due to doubles. Ended up with a 1200x multiplier on the 3 dollar bet. You just showed something that I never /attempt/ to do with such a low balance. I always have that belief despite seeing people like you shoot up with a small initial amount... I always feel like I need to have a "Playing Balan
  2. Oh, I understand my man - Part of the being a streamer portion is you really want to keep people engaged for as long as possible and that often ends up with playing too long as revenue is coming in due to advertisement density and subscriptions, tips et cetera; I most likely play too long and make mistakes while Multi-tasking or due to trying to fill content creation blocks. While your statement is 100% true one thing cannot be denied - a vod or clip made of you hitting 6K bonus and then bringing it up to 19K is an awesome video moment that cannot be erased from the memory of the viewer - i
  3. I was a streamer for another Casino and had a really great viewer-base and subscriber base at that location although I felt like I had hit a ceiling of progression as a player; maxed out "VIP" type of status and nothing was coming to me the way a regular casino would offer me "500 Free Slot play and 2,000 in chips" or "I can get great seats for any concert or sporting event due to my Diamond Card VIP status" - It just hit a ceiling and... it was evident that I was not as valued as I was meant to feel when that casino had been swinging by my stream dropping gift subs and whatnot; it made me fee
  4. The depressing part was... I chose to get my Plat 3 Bonus in DOGE two weeks ago, was 1300 USD at the time... I looked last night and it was around 7 or 8K - one of those "Why didn't I leave it in the vault" moments. Then I'm perhaps slightly bitter because I felt that this was coming for a few weeks now when Coinbase went public; while DOGE is not a focused coin from CBase it's just the overall lift of Crypto, and I Figured Elon Musk and the "Reddit GameStop" community would also be all over it ensuring it rose, attempt to keep it up et cetera. So naturally yesterday I have about 500 USD
  5. SLOTS: 37,190,743,222 placed by aeWinD on 27/02/2021 Wagered 0.00960820 Multiplier 57x Profit 0.53805920 This one I am proud of; the extra spins was CLUTCH
  6. Now this is a must. When bonuses are added into the vault auto W/D - When you enter funds into the vault; put a 12-24 hour cool-down on that biatch. I think it would save a lot of busts (for another day)... or that other day would be a huge hit! Opinions? (Too long. Set your own time.) I am expecting things like that... but if you set your own time you'll just camp it until it unlocks and continue the grind as if it had no timer... #Truth
  7. Most people just leave the balance in anyway. I mean, I do use the vault but not the way I am supposed to. I put away funds and then take it out when I play for some reason, I put it away when the sessions over rather then during. Which partly led to me being -13K this week; (deposits) about 600K wagering not bad... but numerous times I was doing fantastic and I let it get to me, either due to having an audience or my own delusion of grandeur after hitting a few big multipliers in a short span... I don't think adding Yield Percentages is a reasonable idea; it's a safety measure that I a
  8. I had to choose God Only Knows but I kind of wanted to go with Don't Worry Baby... because... -chills- lol
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