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  1. Now this is a must. When bonuses are added into the vault auto W/D - When you enter funds into the vault; put a 12-24 hour cool-down on that biatch. I think it would save a lot of busts (for another day)... or that other day would be a huge hit! Opinions? (Too long. Set your own time.) I am expecting things like that... but if you set your own time you'll just camp it until it unlocks and continue the grind as if it had no timer... #Truth
  2. Most people just leave the balance in anyway. I mean, I do use the vault but not the way I am supposed to. I put away funds and then take it out when I play for some reason, I put it away when the sessions over rather then during. Which partly led to me being -13K this week; (deposits) about 600K wagering not bad... but numerous times I was doing fantastic and I let it get to me, either due to having an audience or my own delusion of grandeur after hitting a few big multipliers in a short span... I don't think adding Yield Percentages is a reasonable idea; it's a safety measure that I a
  3. I had to choose God Only Knows but I kind of wanted to go with Don't Worry Baby... because... -chills- lol
  4. aeWinD Blurple 2nd Edit: May have misunderstood the giveaway; I saw page 1 and 21 next to eachother and thought I saw the roll of post #21 Final Edit: - Was very confused thought I won in this moment - https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingAttractiveEelTheRinger I think I am an idiot; oh my.... I heard "First page 21" for Steve.... I interpreted it as First Page #21... god I'm sorry guys... >.<
  5. Thanks mate! I'm totally se,i-cosplaying as Keanu Reeves "johnny Silverhand" while streaming the launch of CYBERPUNK 2077 tomorrow.
  6. aeWinD

    Dating on Stake

    It's only virtual until two people decide to hang out Anyway, I'm 31; CEO of Accelerated Evolution and I'm the musician / singer songwriter for the band Galexia. Uhh... Avatar describes my style enough I suppose. #StakeDatingFTW
  7. SLOTSSAMURAI: 32,079,909,267 placed by aeWinD on 07/12/2020 Wagered 0.00065536 Multiplier 40x Profit 0.02555904 Having a problem linking that casino:# the way shown above, apologies for the noob question. Any aid is appreciated.
  8. Came over from being a maxxed out VIP Streamer from another online casino; I've only been here for a few months and have been loving it. Especially sports betting... absolutely loving it. I also have a fondness for the stake originals specifically Scarab Spin and Blue Samurai. Stake is doing it right. Also: The rewards for each tier of VIP is much appreciated and shows respect to the user-base.
  9. Stake Originals: Scarab Spin and Blue Samurai FTW
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