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  1. Crystal Palace 1-3 Leicester Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa Everton 1-1 Manchester City Brighton 2-3 Arsenal Burnley 1-1 Sheffield United Southampton 1-0 West Ham West Brom 2-1 Leeds Manchester United 2-1 Wolves Tottenham 2-0 Fulham Newcastle 0-3 Liverpool Tiebreaker:First goal 23" Stake username: Jozikas
  2. I went for a walk in a town. The rest of it I did spend at home.
  3. I am using binance and coinbase at the moment for deposits.
  4. Hilo and limbo are best for me.
  5. 120X on limbo, over 2k on sportsbook.
  6. Lakers and Indiana because of one player.
  7. I am mainly using my pc and mobile phone, when I am not at home.
  8. You can resize picture by yourself or you can use one of online tools to resize your photo.
  9. As wallet i suggest you to use one of hardware wallets to keep your money safe. But coinbase is pretty decent exchamge, which has wallet feature in it. As well their earn programme is really nice.
  10. Jozikas

    XRP investing

    I think it will not ever reach again 3$ mark.
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