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  1. gatts1aa Milrive.... can't find the color nowhere ....
  2. gatts1aa Wenge ... steve choice not my mine ....
  3. gatts1aa Indigo only amazing people pick me !!!
  4. gatts1aa Phlox: The color is a shade of magenta
  5. gatts1aa Olive ( the color not popeye wife !!)
  6. gatts1aa ivory ( the color not the materiel )
  7. what about personality ? honestly face and body for me are less important than the mind and intellect, I 'am more attracted by a intelligent woman with a good way of thinking than a woman with a beautiful face and a attractive body it's like an empty shell
  8. From a friend, I have never played casino or online casino before.
  9. actualy I'am reading a lot of manga ...
  10. K1zz3 I see you everywhere I go... are you stalking me ? or perhas i should say Staking me ?
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